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Real life Brides: Leila Gilley keeps us updated on her wedding plans in a new mini series

By Andrea Petrou on December 3rd, 2009 0 comments yet. Be the First

Leilabday.jpgWe haven’t had a real bride series for a while on Bridalwave, but we decided to rectify that in the build up to the new year. So we’d like to introduce you to our guest writer and real life bride Leila Gilley, whose getting married next year.

She’ll be keeping you up to date with her plans and telling you about all the trials and tribulations she faces along the way.

In her first post Leila tells us how it all happened and shows us that, sometimes you just know when you’ve met the love of your life.

2009 has been an amazing year for me, although it didn’t start off like that. The year for me started at the end of February when I first met the love of my life. Obviously I didn’t know this fact at that point and it wasn’t until mid March that we met properly and started dating. Our whirlwind romance began.

I had been in an up and down relationship for over 5 years and at the beginning of March this ended. You may say, ‘You moved on so soon?’. However, I had no intention of going straight into another relationship, especially just 10 days after the split. But my new boyfriend swept me off my feet immediately and within a week I had fallen head over heels in love with him – we had spent every day since we got together with each other. In our second week of ‘going out’ we had a heart to heart and it turned out he felt exactly the same as me. I was due to go to Devon at the weekend for some ‘me time’, but I asked him if he would go with me. He responded with an enthusiastic yes and a big hug!

‘You two don’t hang around!’ people have said. And we don’t to be honest. The togetherness continued after Devon and to this day has stayed the same. Not a day has been spent apart except for when he goes to visit his son. After three months together we put an offer in to rent a lovely little two bed flat in London Bridge. The offer was accepted and we moved in a few days before our 4 months milestone.

So unsurprisingly, the next step was..Yes, you’ve guessed it, marriage.

Two weeks ago, after attending a tech event in the City, he came to bed with a laptop (yes, I was a little confused too!) Earlier that evening he’d said he wanted to speak to me about something, but I certainly didn’t think it was anything to do with marriage. As it turned out, he was planning to propose, but wanted to get me a ring that I would love forever.

His plan was to get one made and in order to do this, he needed my input. As I was browsing the sparklers, he got caught up in the moment, pulled me to one side and proposed. I was over the moon. The proposal was perfection, just like him.

The week after the proposal was wonderful. It was like falling head over heels in love again and I’ve pretty much been on a high ever since. I had such fun calling all of my family and friends to tell them about the engagement. The happiness has continued, but one thing is for sure, planning a wedding is *not* easy. So over the next few weeks/ months, I’ll be blogging about my wedding experience. I’ll be covering the highs and the lows and sharing some useful tips for the big day.

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