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How to choose your wedding day hairstyle

By Andrea Petrou on January 28th, 2010 0 comments yet. Be the First

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Wedding hair is something many brides have a problem with. Some think they have to go down the traditional route of having their hair up, while others struggle to find a style to suit their dress and tiara. We’ve therefore put together some simple tips to help you find that bridal hairstyle.

Tip One- Look at your dress
If you don’t know what hairstyle you want then maybe you should let your wedding dress and venue decide. If you’re going for a backless or halterneck style dress then an updo is perfect for showing off that detail. However if you’ve chosen something more traditional such as a ball gown frock or princess dress and are getting married in a stately home then consider ringlets to tie in with the theme. Long, flowing waves are also perfect for a beach wedding.

Tip Two- Know your hairdresser.
There are many stylists that specialise in wedding hair but you have to feel comfortable with them. This is because communication and not being afraid to say what you like and dislike is very important. If your unsure about who to go for speak to your wedding photographer, who will have his own contacts to suit each venue or get recommendations from friends and family.

Tip Three – Let your hair grow
You should ideally decide what hairstyle you want at least 6 months before your wedding. Scour magazines and websites to find styles you like. This should give you enough time to grow your hair (it grows about half an inch a month) if you want an updo but have a short style.

Tip Four- Be greedy
If you still can’t decide what style you want then consider having two. Show off one style during your ceremony (perhaps a formal updo), then another, more relaxed look (think loose, cascading curls) for your reception.

Tip Five – Be comfortable
Many people will give you the same advice as we have but at the end of the day its down to you. Don’t go for a hairstyle just because you feel you have to and if you wear your hair loose everyday because you hate it up, then don’t feel pressured to have an updo at your wedding. After all, that hairstyle will remain in the wedding pictures for the rest of your life.

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