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How to have baby smooth skin on your wedding day and into your honeymoon

By Andrea Petrou on January 14th, 2010 0 comments yet. Be the First

Waxing.jpgWhatever you choose to wear on your big day we know almost all brides out there won’t want leg, arm or facial hair to make an appearance. Unless you’re lucky enough to have been born with hair free or very fine fair haired legs then you’ll know how hard it is to ensure legs stay smooth, and the last thing you’ll want to be doing on your wedding day is removing leg hair.

We’ve therefore put together some information on the types of hair removal options available to ensure you have fuzz free legs and armpits on your special day and possibly into your honeymoon too.

Hair removal option one: Shaving

This is probably the cheapest and pain free (unless you cut yourself) option of hair removal and can be done with no minimum hair growth, meaning you won’t have to look like a yeti before you can get rid of your fuzz. However, there is a knack to this method too.

Slapping on the soap and sloppily using the razor could lead to a rash, cuts and sore looking legs. So how can you ensure this doesn’t happen? Using shaving foam (you can steal your boyfriend) or conditioner and leaving it on wet skin for a good few minutes will make sure your hair is softer and legs more moisurised, meaning you’ll avoid those nasty cuts. Many of us also think that soaking like a prune in the bath before shaving is the best way to shave our legs, however, too long will mean your skin will shrivel and lose moisture making the hair harder to grab. Also remember, unless you want guy’s stubble this method won’t work on your face.

The other downside to this option is that hair grows back quickly. So if you have super growing hair you may find yourself with stubble, despite shaving the night before the big day. It also won’t last until the honeymoon.

Hair removal option 2. Waxing

This is notorious for being the most painful hair removing method on the block, so why do so many women do it? Well it may be painful but the results will last for around 4-6 weeks meaning by the time you need to go through the procedure again, you may have forgotten about the pain. It also means legs, facial hair and armpits will stay smooth for the wedding day and into the honeymoon. As waxing pulls out the hairs from the roots, the hair will also grow back softer.

You can opt to go and get a professional wax from a salon (we recommend this if you want to get your bikini line done) or choose a home waxing kit from a wide range of manufacturers and high street chains such as Nair and Boots.

If you’re brave enough to decide on the latter then you must ensure you read the instructions carefully and that you’re fuzz is at least over 5mm long. Also pulling the skin tight while ripping off the wax cloths will mean more hair comes off and less pain.

Hair removal option 3: Epilating
We personally are afraid of epilating. Previous experiences have found that this is more painful than waxing. However, others disagree, claiming it’s a less messy way of pulling your hair out from the root and ensuring baby smooth skin for at least two weeks.
An epilator costs between £60 and £150 but once you’ve bought one, you don’t need to put your hand in your pocket again. It works through a high speed tweezing mechanisms that grasp individual hairs and pluck them out. Yes, we told you it was painful. However, unlike waxing it won’t take off a layer of skin, making it good for those with a tan.
We advise you take a skin test before using this method, as some girls do get heavy rashes after using these.

Hair removal option 4: Hair removing creams
Hair removing creams are closer to shaving than waxing and epilating. They are pain free, last a couple more days than waxing and in our opinion, are also the most hassle free. This hair removal option works by using chemicals to strip away the outer layer of your skin and hair. However, as it doesn’t pull out the skin by the root, you may find your hair grows back stubbly meaning, like shaving you may not have long lasting results for the big day. Like with other hair removal services there are risks with this too. These strong chemicals may burn sensitive skin so read instruction booklets carefully.

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