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How to keep the romance in a relationship.

By Andrea Petrou on January 27th, 2010 0 comments yet. Be the First

couples.jpgLets face it, when you’ve been with your partner for a while the romance can sometimes fade. Good night kisses are replaced by hefty snores and as we get more comfortable our bad habits may sneak in. So how do you keep that romance alive after the wedding and in the years to come?

We’ve put together a list of fun do’s and don’t to help you.

Ensure you still dress up for him. He may have seen you at your worst but no one likes coming home every night to Waynetta Slobs’ cousin. And it’s not just you. Make sure those holey y-fronts get banished to the bin sharpish.

Arrange a date night every week. This can be anything from him or you cooking a dinner at home, venturing to the local cinema or even hitting the town for a night of dancing. Also consider visiting the place you first met.

Carry on talking. It’s sometimes hard to open up to a partner when you’ve had a hard day at work but keeping the communication lines open will ensure your mind eases and relationship thrives.

Be tempted to pick your toenails or hard feet in bed. You may have shared alot together but sometimes there are things you should do in the privacy of your own company.
The same goes for after curry effects (we know you know what we’re talking about.)

Nag. Yes they get on our nerves and sometimes we have to have a moan, but there’s a difference between occasional winging to full blown nagging (I put my hands up to this. I nag alot. If it’s not the socks on the floor its the kitchen being a mess etc.)

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