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How to make a flower girl dress

By Andrea Petrou on January 4th, 2010 1 comment

Flower girl.jpgIf you’re planning on having more than one flower girl and have done your research then you’ll know how expensive they can be. The cost can also rise dramatically if you have more than one or if one of your flower girls is over a certain age, as companies will often charge more for girls over 10.

If you have flower girls around the same age and size then another option is to make the dresses yourself. This can not only work out cheaper as you can adapt a pattern to fit all, but also means you can add individuality to each girls dress to make them stand out in their own special way. Read our tips below to learn how to do this.

Step one. Choose your pattern.
There are many flower girl dress patterns available and these range from about £10 to £200. The pattern has to obviously resemble a dress you like, but if you’re a novice then you may also want to go for something without too much detail. It’s also important to measure your flower girls and choose a pattern size which will fit the biggest of them all. Another tip here is to remember that children grow quickly, so leave the measuring as late as possible or allow a few inches for growth.

Step 2. Choose your fabric
After the pattern the fabric of the dress is the second most important factor here. The beauty about making your own dress is that you can basically have anything you want as long as you’re willing to pay for it. However, do make sure you find something that will match the style of the dress too. There are a range of fabric shops online but before ordering from them, always ask for a sample to be sent to you, as fabrics range in weight and quality. If you live in London then head up to Soho where you will find a range of fabric shops. Alternatively John Lewis has a good range of fabrics in stock but they may be a little bit more expensive.

Step 3. Muslin Mock Up
Although this is something you may only associate with a wedding dress, you should make it a priority for flower girls too. For those that aren’t sure, a muslin mock up is a practice run of the real dress, which can be made from cheap material. At this point, you take your flower girl measurements, get the pattern out, cut and mark the fabric, and sew up the dress. It may seem like a lot of hard work but this step is crucial to getting the real dress perfect as it will let you see what needs to be changed and if the measurements are correct.

Step 5. Cut And Mark Your Fabric
Get your dress fabric ready and place the new pattern on it. Here make sure you place the pattern against the grain of the material. The grain dictates how your fabric falls and stretches so you need to make sure you get everything in the right place. I strongly recommend using an alterations lady here to help you. Once this is done you need to carefully cut around the fabric, leaving at least an inch and a half around the end of the pattern for stitching.

Step 6. Tedious tacking
You may be tempted to just get on with sewing the dress but it’s really important to make another mock up here. Tack the dress together using a fine needle and thread – you don’t have to do tiny stitches here, an inch apart is fine -to make sure it all fits together and put in the zip. This may seem time consuming but it will mean you have a good guideline when you actually start to sew the dress. Get your flower girls to try on their dresses again to make sure they fit.

Final step
You should now have a mock up dress with a good outline for stitching. Thread your machine with the colour thread you require and start sewing. Once this is done you can add crystals and any other decoration.

  • Thanks for tips…really useful. Flower girl attire is the thing that usually under looked so thank for such informative posts

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