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How to make a wedding garter fit for you, and your guests

By Andrea Petrou on January 5th, 2010 0 comments yet. Be the First

Garter.JPGWe’ve covered many how to’s over the past few weeks and although we’ve told you before about how to make a garter, we thought it only right to tell you again during this series, after all, tradition dictates these must be worn.

It also tells you that you must throw it to your guests (in the same way you would a wedding bouquet. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on something, you quite literally have to throw away then read our hints and tips below, which will help you make a garter fit for the day and for a lucky guest.

Step one: Not so drastic measures
To begin, measure the circumference of your thigh as this will dictate how much ribbon and elastic you will need.

Step two: The ingredients for a perfect, and tasteful garter
You will need ribbon, 3 inches longer than your measurements and double the size of the width you want. We recommend looking for a ribbon with a width of around four to six inches. You can buy this from any haberdashery store or a local garden centre.

You will also need elastic, 2 or 3 inches shorter than your measurements, and a bow. You can make this but we advise you pick one up when you buy the rest of your bits as they only cost around 50p. You will also need lace double the size of your folded ribbon.

Step three: To start
Take the ribbon and fold it in half so the wrong side is facing you. Then use an iron to steam it down.
Keeping the fabric wrong side facing sew along the edge and then turn the fabric inside out so the right side is facing you and then sew across the top again, leaving around 5mm from the edge so you can fit your elastic through.

Step four: The tricky bit
Slide the elastic into the gap using a safety pin on the end of the elastic to help glide it through. Wrap your bridal garter around your leg and trim the elastic to where it is a comfortable fit and then take your lace.

You will need to put this on the back of the garter, so its touching your skin when you wear it. Make sure the lace is equal on both the top and the bottom ends and when you are happy with this hand sew it on avoiding the elastic.

Step five: The ends
Hand sew the elastic edges together with the fabric ends to form a circle and add the bow to the front.

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