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How to make wedding favour bags

By Andrea Petrou on January 13th, 2010 0 comments yet. Be the First

Wedding favours bags.jpgLast week we told you how to make sugared almonds for your wedding favours and promised you we’d tell you how to make little bags to put them in. We may be a little bit later than planned, but that’s only because we needed to put one together to make sure it worked and we’re pleased to say it has. Read below for our guide on how to successfully make a wedding favour bag.

Step one: What you’ll need.
To make a favour bag you’ll need fabric, we recommend organza, which can be bought from most fabric stores, ribbon, scissors, pins, some tailors chalk and a tape measure.
Although you can stitch by hand, we recommend you also get hold of a sewing machine as this will make life much easier, especially if you are making quite a few.

Step two: Measure by measure
Think about the size of bag you want and what you’re going to put in it. If you’re sticking to sugared almonds then a smaller bag is best as they won’t look too drowned out. For these we recommend you cut out a piece of fabric around 15″ x 6 1/2″. Fold the fabric so the wrong side is facing up (you’ll be able to tell with organza as the wrong sides feel slightly rougher).

Step three: Ribbon channels
Depending on your ribbon size fold down the short sides by about an inch. Sew along the very bottom of this. This will be where you put the ribbon through to make the bag pull together.

Step four: Bring it all together.
Once you’ve sewn the ribbon hole, take the bag and tack about 5mm around the edges. Remember to leave the top of the ribbon channel open here. Machine sew and turn the bag inside out. You should now have a little bag.

Step Five: The finishing touches
Thread the ribbon through the drawstring and cut off any loose ends. You can also thread a little message with your wedding date through the top of the ribbon to make the favour that little bit more personalised.

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