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How to pick a Maid of Honour for your wedding day

By Andrea Petrou on January 15th, 2010 0 comments yet. Be the First

Brides fight.jpgIt’s happened. Your other half has just proposed and you’re caught up in the flurry of rings, venues and bands.

You’ve already spoken to your best friend who screamed out loudly when you asked her to be maid of honour, and you can’t wait to tell the rest of your friends that you want them to be bridesmaids. In theory this is a perfect scenario.

In your eyes you’ve chosen your best friend because she’s been there for you and your other close friends deserve to be bridesmaids for the same reason.

However, sometimes it’s not that straight forward. There have been many examples of friends falling out and brides being stranded by the girl they believed to be their best friend and deserving Maid of Honour, which is usually down to a small dose of the green eyed monster

So before you speed dial that now BFF read our list of hints to ensure she is worthy of the special title.

1. Can she keep your secrets?
Many of us have a range of friends who will have an opinion on whatever we do. However a maid of honour needs to be someone you trust, someone who you have told your deepest secrets to without being judged.

2. Is she a Little Miss Bossy?

We all have a best friend who can sometimes be a little bit bossy and who knows her own mind. Usually there’s nothing wrong with this, especially as she’s the one you can depend to make those Friday night decisions. However, when it comes to your wedding we advise you stay away from this sort of friend. Not only will she try to dominate plans but she will also question any of your decisions (and not in a helpful way). This will not only cause you stress but also cause a major rift in a friendship.

3. Friend or relative?

This is a problem many brides face when they come to picking a maid of honour. Your best friend may have been there through thick and thin, but that cousin/sister is family. The key thing to think about here is how close you are. You may have grown up with a cousin (and of course your sister) but is that bond stronger than all the times you’ve shared with your friend? And will the relative know you well enough to organise that perfect hen do?

4. Define what you want.
If you know the stress of the wedding will turn you into a Bridezilla, you’ll need to pick someone who can truly be there for you, and let them know exactly what you want. If your maid of honour won’t be able to commit the time you need then you may have to look at another friend.

5. Look to the future
No we’re not talking about using a crystal ball here, just some common sense.
Be realistic; look at her life ahead.

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