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Just for fun: How to ensure he’s the right man to marry

By Andrea Petrou on January 25th, 2010 0 comments yet. Be the First

kISS.jpgWith celebrities getting engaged quicker than you can say “ring” (yes we’re talking to you Lara Stone and David Walliams) and the Conservative government proposing plans to give better tax breaks for “married couples”, taking a trip down the aisle has never seemed like a better option. However, when deciding to get married there are a few things you need to make sure you’re happy about. Namely if he’s the right one. We’ve therefore put together some fun do’s and don’ts to make sure you end up with your prince charming for life.

Do marry him if:

He has good genes.
Look at his father, uncle and grandfather and assess how well they’ve aged. A full head of hair, little grey and a tiny beer belly sported by any of his older relatives will ensure your beau is for keeps.

Kissing him still makes you go weak at the knees.
As Cher once told us: “it’s in his kiss”, and we’re inclined to agree. If you’ve been with your other half for a good few years and kissing him still makes you go weak at the knees then he may very well be your life long Prince Charming.

He’s just won the lottery
We’re not encouraging gold digging here, but a few million goes a long way to keeping you in that celeb/WAG lifestyle.

He’s good with your friend’s children (ok this one’s a little bit more serious).

If your beau is more baby whisperer than beer monster then it should give you an idea of what a great dad he’ll make. After all many of us will want another half who can give us support. However if he loves children so much that he’s got 9 of his own you may need to think again.

He’s kind, considerate and makes you feel like a princess
We’re sure many of you reading this will breathe a huge sigh of relief because we’re sure your hubby to be does tick all these boxes and that’s probably the reason why you’re reading this website.

Don’t marry him if:
He’s more concerned about his appearance than you are yours.
You may find it endearing now but 20 years down the line you won’t be as patient when he’s swiping your anti wrinkle cream and hair dye.

He wears Y-Fronts
The first stages of romance are said to be the best and are supposed to be the time when you both make an effort with your appearance and clothing. Wearing Y Fronts right from the start means your other half’s undies will only get worse with age. We’re thinking holes and discolouration…

He’d rather spend time at the pub with friends or workmates than come home to you.
We know marriage is said to calm down those wild men (and lets face it we girls like a challenge) but if he chooses his mates over wedding plans and cosy nights in will he ever change?

He thinks his mum is the best thing since sliced bread
Ah yes, the dreaded other woman. If you have a mother in law from hell, but he can’t see it then it’s time to run as far away as possible. We’re thinking from her rather than him when she finds out you’ve ditched her precious sweet pea. Mummy’s boys can’t be changed and no matter how much you tell them you don’t want to spend every Sunday sat around their mother’s table they won’t listen. Constant criticism from her about the way you iron his shirts, clean the house and cook him dinners will all be part of that very special life you planned with mummies little soldier. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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