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How to create flapper style make-up for that 1920s themed wedding

By Andrea Petrou on February 11th, 2010 0 comments yet. Be the First


Yesterday we gave you some hints and tips on how to plan a 1920s themed wedding and gave you a gallery with accessory and bridesmaid ideas. So what better way to continue the theme with a list of hints and tips on how to create that 1920s flapper style make-up for your big day.

Flapper look tip one.
The 1920s make-up look for this era was pale skin complimented by bold lips and eyes.
To begin find a foundation, which gives you creamy complexion with good coverage. You may not find this in normal retailers so we suggest you visit a theatre supply or fancy dress store to get the right look. If you are using a make-up artist for the big day she may be able to source it for you too. As this make-up is thicker than normal foundations apply it thinly so your skin can breathe.

Flapper look tip 2
The flapper look is all about bold eyes and brows so highlight these by using an eyebrow pencil, which is darker than your actual colour. You may also want to visit a beauticians to get your brows shaped into the very thin style the flappers traditionally had.

Flapper look tip 3
You’ll need to go back to black on your eyes but before you start with the shadow and eyeliner, you’ll need to smooth some primer onto your eyelids to make sure the shadow stays. Take a dark grey eyeshadow and smudge across the eyelid, making sure to blend it in over the brow bone. Once this is done grab your eye pencil and apply on both the top and bottom of the lashes. Add a thick dose of mascara for the ultimate lash look.

Flapper look tip 4
Dark eyes and pale skin were complimented with red lips and cheeks in the 1920s. For the rosy look opt for a cream blush or cheek stain (Body Shop does a good one here). And spread across the apple of your cheek. Add a bright pink lipstick or gloss to finish.

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