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How to have a 1940s themed wedding day

By Andrea Petrou on February 15th, 2010 0 comments yet. Be the First

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Last week we showed you how to have that perfect 20s themed wedding, alongside how to do your make-up for the big day. We also gave you some accessory ideas to help you get that perfect look. To continue the vintage theme, today we’ll be telling you how to plan a 40s style wedding complete with the dress, table decorations and grooms attire too. Early 1940s weddings were traditionally a day of “make do and mend” as rationing began to come into the equation, so use this as inspiration. Ask a great aunt or nan if they still have their frocks.

The 1940s dress
Because of the rationing in the early 40s many brides went for simple designs and borrowed dresses from their best friends. However in the later part of the era the style was a slender fit satin dress with a modest short V shape neckline covered with netting and Gibson sleeves, which is a narrow leg of mutton sleeve shape.
Again finding an original 1940s frock will be hard work by the Vintage Wedding Dress Company may be able to help you source one. If you are feeling brave you can also buy a pattern from eBay or SoVintage patterns.

Bridal accessories
Team up that 40s dress with full length gloves and a hat with a netted face veil. Finish it off with accessories such as seamed stockings and spiked healed shoes (make sure they are comfortable though.). Team up an outfit with pearls, which were the accessory du jour in the 40s.

If your man is in the army, or you just have a secret penchant for a man in uniform, then you’re in luck. Because of the war one of the trends of 1940s weddings was army uniforms, which, because of the rationing was one of the smartest sets of clothing many men owned. However if your groom refuses to walk down the aisle looking like an extra from Saving Private Ryan then another trend you can try is pin striped suits.

Bridesmaids and grooms men
Calf length and knee length dresses in bright colours were the norm for bridesmaids in the 40s as many had to wear their best dresses due to rationing. Check out Coast for 40s style prom dresses. Again, military or pinstripe suits were the norm for grooms men.

Because of the war hobbies were limited, however a big part of the 40s was music with jazz being a huge influence. Add a 40s twist to a traditional tied cake with some musical cake toppers and fill tables with miniature models of saxophones or trombones. You should also make sure you include balloons in the wedding theme as these were a big must have in the 40s.

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