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Real brides: New series, Leila Gilley

By Andrea Petrou on February 17th, 2010 0 comments yet. Be the First


We started a real bride series a few months back but to celebrate the redesign of the website, we’ve decided to make this a regular occurance. So we’d like to
our real-life bride to be Leila who will be updating you as much as possible in the lead up to her wedding. Happy reading.

Following on from my first post which gave you a bit of background about me and my fiancée, we now get into the real nitty gritty of the early stages of the engagement.

The first week was delightful! Both myself and my fiancée were on cloud nine and it didn’t look like anything or anyone was going to change that. We were wrong! It’s amazing how much pressure can come from friends and family. For example:- You learn of family feuds you didn’t know existed. You get frowned upon for not inviting one of your parents 4th cousin several times removed that “just has to be there” because they we the one of the first people to hold you when you were born and they would be “so proud!”. Or telling your Mum something in a fit of excitement and forgetting to tell your Dad, making him feel left out and hurt (unintentionally)…I could go on! Obviously you want to please everyone, but one word of advice and it’s the most important piece of advice I can give you: It’s your day, do it your way and invite who *you* want there to share your special day with you both.

The first thing we tackled was the guest list. If only listing my close family was as easy as my fiancée’s. My Mum has four brothers and four sisters and they all have at least 3 kids each with the exception of two – Nightmare! We sat on the train on the way home from his parents and by the time we got back, we had the main people accounted for. In hindsight, I think it’s better to create your invite list once you have decided how big you would like your wedding – It’s shocking how much extra people add to venues, catering, photography etc when they hear the ‘W’ word. It wasn’t until we actually started looking at venues and getting rough quotes that we decided on the size we wanted and based on that, we then tweaked the invite list to suit.

Next thing we decided on were possible dates. Choose a few possibilities to avoid disappointment. We decided on one date in particular, but when I found out my cousin was getting married the week before in Jamaica, I was gutted as it meant my Dad’s only brother wouldn’t be at my wedding. People’s lives were going on around me? Really? It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the wedding arrangements and forget about the ‘outside world’. We have decided on a Friday in July. If you are trying to budget, bear in mind that the earlier or later in the year are cheaper than the summer months. If you have got your heart set on a summer wedding, like we have, then try booking a weekday. Even Fridays (at most venues) are a cheaper weekday rate and it gives you and your guests the rest of the weekend to recover.

Remember, it’s not easy, but the key is to decide from the earliest possible point what you want and stick to it!

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