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Review: Purifyne cleansing programme

By Andrea Petrou on February 11th, 2010 0 comments yet. Be the First


Last year I underwent a detox and cleansing diet for our fashion site ShinyStyle, to see if it would work for those post Christmas weight shifts, and I thought I’d tell you brides about my experiences, to help you decide if doing a detox before the big day to lose weight is the way to go.

Purifyne is said to improve the physical state of your body and helps to clarify your mind and prices range from £79.00 for a one day programme to £475 for a 14-day programme.

It’s not cheap and at first glance the package, which consists of various juices delivered straight to your door, vitamins and an enema kit (I won’t put you off your breakfast/lunch, so click here to find out more) looks a little bit like one which, would be more suited in the fridge of a wag or popstar, but then again so does the service.

I met up with the owner, who asked me a range of medical and lifestyle questions to determine what package would suit me. On the first delivery of juices she will also come to you a make you feel comfortable as well as call and text you throughout the programme to make sure you’re ok.

It was decided I would have 4 bottles of juice a day alongside a range of supplements.
So instead of gorging on my usual fry ups for the week I was drinking juice and herbal teas, topped up with various vitamins.

In my week long trial I experienced everything from starvation, to mood swings and even sweaty armpits (these are all symptoms of the detox as your body begins to cleanse itself.) However, with the bad came the good and by day three I was alot more alert, the spots, which had come as part of the programme had disappeared, and my stomach was surprisingly flatter. I was also alot calmer.

However the best bit about this programme was how my attitude to food had changed.
I was worried that once I started eating again my weight would go back up and the lethargy would return, but Purifyne claims this is not the case as your mind and attitude changes meaning you’ll eat healthier. This is because you have done so much good for your body that you hardly want to return to your old habits and instead want to improve your diet and lifestyle to maintain that feeling of being much healthier than before. It’s also because your liver has broken down the fact from all the old foods meaning it’ll now be able to process your food more efficiently.

So would I recommend this detox to brides? If you want bright eyes, a clear complexion and to look slightly slimmer for your big day then yes. It may also help with pre wedding stress. However, if you’re a bride constantly on the go, then juices may just not be enough to keep all that energy up, especially for the first four days.

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