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How to choose a wedding ring

By Andrea Petrou on March 16th, 2010 0 comments yet. Be the First

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The wedding ring is probably one of the most important parts of marriage. Traditionally it’s a symbol that you are taken and of your commitment to each other, and fashion wise it’s something that you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life, meaning you have to take time and effort picking the right one.

Unlike the engagement ring, which is usually chosen by the groom (more of that later) couples tend to pick their wedding rings together to make sure they have something that to a certain extent matches and each like each others choices. After all if he hates your ring he won’t be gazing at it very lovingly and vice versa. And if you force him into buying a ring he hates, he’s very unlikely to be happy wearing it.

A good way to show each other a sign of commitment (yes we know marriage is a huge one) is to opt for a wedding ring set, where both rings match. Many stores such as Goldsmiths, Ernest Jones and Fraser Heart offer these sets.

However, if that’s not to your taste then how about getting them made? You can then add things that mean something to you, for example, pick a stone that has some meaning, or perhaps choose to have a tiny flower engraved on the back, maybe one of the first types he gave you.

Alternatively you could opt for something unusual or antique, or even designing your own. Celtic rings are another popular style for contemporary weddings.

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