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How to have a medieval wedding day

By Andrea Petrou on March 29th, 2010 0 comments yet. Be the First

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With so many people getting married in this day and age many brides-to-be will be looking for that something different. And as this need has got bigger so has the range of different themes. We’ve covered everything from traditional weddings with Sex and The City and Alice in Wonderland themes.

However one theme we haven’t touched on is medieval. This theme is by no means new, but it is different. Go the whole way by getting guests to dress up and add banquet themes or just add hints of the theme to your day.

We give you a few hints and tips.

Medieval Theme Wedding Invitations
There are a range of medieval themed invites around, with many online featuring knights and ladies, Cinderella, and castle themes.

However if you want to go the whole medieval way then why not print them on parchement paper using an Old English font. Using medieval-style language on the invitations, such as “ye” and “thou” instead of “you” will evoke images of the Middle Ages.
Those with few guests and a little bit of money in the bank could also consider hiring a town crier to go round to guest houses as an alternative to invites.

Medieval Theme Wedding Dresses and Attire for the Groom

Traditionally medieval brides went for a colourful dress, with red, blue, gold and silver all being popular choices. The fabrics du jour included velvet, silk and brocade and styles were long gowns with flowing, bell-style sleeves and drop waists. However traditional brides who want white can opt for this colour as long as they keep in with the styles of the era. Flat shoes or barefeet are also a good option here.

For the medieval look, grooms should consider wearing doublets, breeches and hose, along with a cowl hat. Footwear can be boots, or simple flat shoes. Alternatively, a groom can dress as a literal knight in shining armor. Look online for reputable dealers for a knight costume, or ask at a Renaissance Fair.

Bridesmaids should go for a smaller style to the bride in reds, greens or silver. They should also go barefooted or wear light slippers. Instead of traditional bouquets, you might consider having them carry candles or lanters. Just make sure they won’t burn them or drip.

Medieval Theme Wedding Food and Drink
For a medieval banquet, the couple can serve a meat-laden menu (though non-meat eating guests should be remembered as well). Turkey drumsticks are popular medieval fare, as well as venison, goose, fish and mutton.

If you want to go the whole medieval hog (sorry) then why not consider a hog roast complete with that traditional apple in its mouth.

Meatless fare includes cheese, nuts, fruit, bread, and desserts like custards and tarts. Typical drinks should include beer, ale, wine, mead, and water and milk for non-drinkers.


Go for harmonicas, organs and live singing, which were all traditional in medieval times or add a modern twist with soundtrack from the Lord of the Rings, Loreena McKennet and the Princess Bride.

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