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How to propose to your other half

By Andrea Petrou on March 1st, 2010 0 comments yet. Be the First

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It’s an age old problem. You want to get married but your other half still hasn’t proposed, even though you know deep down he feels the same way as you.

There are a number of ways in which you can push him along, many friends swear they got their other halves down on one knee by constantly moaning and nagging, or you could take a leaf out of Corrie or Eastenders and get pregnant (although we strongly don’t recommend this) or why not just bite the bullet and do it yourself?

To celebrate the release of Leap Year, which hit cinemas this weekend, we have taken inspiration from leading character Anna (played by the adorable Amy Adams) who goes all the way to Ireland to reverse tradition and propose to her boyfriend. We’ve therefore
put together a ‘how to; guide for proposing to your man.

Proposal place 1. At a sports match
This is pretty self explanatory; you pick his favourite venue – a football match, a cricket match, a rugby match – and get tickets for the next game there. Contact the manager there and arrange to have the message splashed up in lights for the whole stadium to see! This way you get to be romantic AND honour his love of sports. He will know he is onto a winner when you ask.

Proposal place 2 Cook him dinner
The old cliché ‘the best way to a man’s heart if through his stomach’ is a cliché because it is pretty much TRUE. Pull out all the stops by making a fabulous three course dinner with the third course being a proposal! Make sure you wear your sexiest outfit to do it and simply ask him if he will share all his meals with you!

Proposal place 3 Get inside a cake.
The old ones are always the best. Remember all those 1950’s films where show girls would pop out of cakes. Well, there is something timeless and sexy about it, as well as crazy and fun! Something like this is best done at a big party so probably better to do it if you are pretty much totally confident he will be saying yes to you. The arrange to get the cake made, get inside it, have it put in front of him, burst your way out of it, shouting ‘will you marry me!’.

Proposal place 4 Smooth Operator
There is so much romance in music and going to see live music with your loved ones is one of the hottest things you can do. We suggest buying tickets to one of your favorite artists gigs and contacting the management of the band before the gig – to try and persuade the singer to pop the question for you. Failing this, you could simply ask your man in the interval, the setting of the gig will provide the romantic back drop.

Proposal place 5 Get him drunk in a bar, club or your home
Last but not least – get your man drunk. We aren’t suggesting that he wouldn’t say yes to you sober, simply that loosening both of you up a bit is never a bad thing.! Go to a local and fairly quiet bar or pub, have a fun night of giggling just the two of you, and mid drink, just slip the question in. This is a relaxed and fairly low key way of proposing – but can be perfectly relaxed and happy.

And last of all….Best of luck and let us know how you got on.

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