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How to make a bridal speech

By Andrea Petrou on April 26th, 2010 0 comments yet. Be the First

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As time has gone on brides often stand up after their fathers, best men and other halves to make a speech of their own.

Although it may not be seen as tradition many brides opt to do this to say their own special thanks to friends, family and of course their groom.

If you’re one of these brides then we’ve put together few hints and tips to help you plan and write your perfect wedding speech.

There is no set order where a bride’s speech is concerned but it’s recommended that you follow the bridegroom and speak before the best man who is the final speaker and the most humorous who will round off the speeches on a lighter note.

You can be as funny or as serious as you like in your speech but it’s wise and helpful to split it into three different parts: Opening, General Chat and a Closing piece.

Keep the opening of the speech casual (the formal one is for your father) and do it as much from memory as possible. This will not only keep it lighthearted but show your personality too. Reading from a script may make it a little bit too rigid.

Opening ideas.
Start by thanking your groom as well as your families, especially if they contributed to the cost of the day, made the food or even just gave you a hug when you were feeling stressed.
You can also talk about your day so far and thank your guests for coming.

General Chat
Once you’ve got the formalities out of the way, like the best man it’s time to add a little bit of humour (but don’t go too ladettish). Make a joke about your other half’s surname or household chores. You can then add some emotionally bits talking about how you met your other half and how special he is it to you. You could also add in here how he proposed.

Once the humour is out of the way, thank your bridesmaids (maybe you could agree to give them their thank you presents) as well as your mums. You could also opt to read your other half a poem here, and get really soppy. However make sure you keep your speech to a max of 7 minutes to keep your guests interested

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