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Money saving tips for your wedding day

By Andrea Petrou on April 12th, 2010 0 comments yet. Be the First

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As we’ve said lots of times now, weddings can be expensive. Even little
things like place names and confetti can add up if you’re on a tight budget. We’ve therefore decided to give you a list of money saving tips, which we hope will help you stay in budget in the lead up to your big day.

Plan ahead
Buying accessories for weddings can be very expensive, especially if you’re having a themed one where you need specific things. If you have a few years ahead of you then you can start collecting in advance. For example if you want a Christmas wedding wait until the Jan sales to stock up from shops such as John Lewis. And if you want a summer theme then wait until just after August when stores such as begin reducing last season’s items such as butterflies.

Wedding favours
When it comes to planning for a successful and frugal wedding, it pays to look at all of the items, including the wedding favors. Even though the cost of these favors can seem trivial compared to the cost of the food, the cake, the dress and other big ticket items, those costs can really add up, especially for big weddings. Why not make your own or buy from reputable sites abroad.

Many US sites ship to the UK and they offer cheaper alternatives. Keep a look out when you are also on holiday before the big day especially if you are in a Mediterranean country like Greece, Italy or Cyprus. This is because wedding favours over there are a huge part of culture. You may find something unique and also cheaper.

Mix and match

While we’re on the subject of favours its also useful to remember many can double as place card holders.Maybe opt for a photo frame with a name inside or a photograph holder.

Something borrowed.
Borrow a necklace or pair of earrings from a family member. This will not only save you lots of money but time in looking for that perfect pair. Ask friends who have been married before if you can also borrow their tiara or veil. You may also want to ask a friend with a nice car to provide the transport for the day.

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