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Keeping your wedding ring safe after the wedding

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on December 1st, 2010 0 comments yet. Be the First

Jamie Hince and Kate MossWhat’s the most important thing about your wedding? For some it’s the dress, for others it is the ring. Or should we say rings. The wedding bands represent the unity of love between two people, and are a sign to the world of the commitment. Most of you will have spent months deciding on the rings, and rightly so as you will be wearing them for a long time to come.

However, after the wedding excitement has diminished somewhat and everyday life sets in, it can become clear that it’s not always convenient to keep the ring on at all times. Men, perhaps more than women, are likely to take off the wedding ring as it may interfere with daily chores or work (do correct me if I’m wrong).

This is of course OK, but as Jamie Hince, Kate Moss’ hubby, has found out: don’t lose it! Apparently Jamie has lost his wedding ring after having put it in his pocket for ‘safe keeping’ while in the recording studio, and Kate is furious. OK, it did cost £17,000 and they’ve only been married three months, so it’s quite understandable.

If there is anything to learn from this is that the pocket of your skinny jeans is perhaps not the safest place to keep your wedding ring. This got us thinking, what are best practices for keeping your wedding ring safe?

1. Don’t take it off!

2. Make sure you have both wedding rings and engagement rings ensured against theft, fire or loss. Check with your insurance company, as this may be included in your homeowner’s insurance.

3. If you know you’ll have to take off the ring, place it in a secure and memorable place like a home safe (does anyone even own one of these anymore?) before leaving the house or in drawer the office.

4. If you are out and you have a friend with you, as him or her to keep the ring safe on their hands while you do whatever it is that requires it to be taken off in the first place.

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