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Bride-to-be #Binkie becomes latest Twitter fad

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on February 23rd, 2011 1 comment

“Binkie West, 27, met Charlie Peacock, 28, on the Pony Club circuit when she was 14. They are due to get married at Chavanage House in Gloucestershire, two weeks before the Royal Wedding.”

We’re sure sweet faced 27 year old Binkie West (her real name is apparently Bianca) didn’t dream of trending on Twitter by the evening when she woke up this morning… or did she? A quick search on Facebook reveals that her account has already been removed  pointing to that Binkie, bless her, only wanted to share her happiness and wedding plans with The Telegraph‘s readers as part of the newspaper’s Kate and William Royal Wedding Countdown.

“As a young girl I had a vision of being a bride with lovely flowing hair, much like Kate Middleton’s, so I booked myself in to get hair extensions at Salon Name, London. I don’t want to look like a complete Barbie doll, so I’ve gone for Product Name which is real hair – a very natural look – just something to make my hair thicker and longer. Getting married you want perfection, and I think long hair is rather lovely.”

By 6pm #Binkie, who has already been honoured with a faux Twitter account @BinkieWest, had turned into tonight’s conversation topic on Twitter, as the story of the bride-to-be spread like wildfire. Some users of the information network are wondering if the whole story is a hoax; reading the column I was left with the same feeling I had after watching Britney Spears’ new music video, which was scattered with product placements left, right and center; others express a sense of disbelief, while a selected few offer Binkie their support – but it could be that irony is lost in Twitter translation:

@jonathand Who said the old bourgeois and class structures were dead! In steps #binkie to piss all over the proletariat

@bexlectric Was having a stressful day until I found out #binkie ‘s hair extensions were alright. Phew

@pinkypinkymoon I’m sure #Binkie is a perfectly nice human being, it’s just that her articles show how divided this ‘big’ society is & how deluded some are.

“Having left my job at Sotheby’s, I’m relieved to have so much more time on my hands. Not only are there appointments to fit in, but there is also the ongoing admin.”

When I first read the column earlier today as it appeared on my Google Alerts, the five comments it had received were of a very negative nature and have since been removed. Perhaps that was a good thing… But as The Telegraph and Binkie have discovered, the might of Twitter cannot be silenced. We’re not sure what Binkie’s thoughts on the turn of events are, but we do wish her all the best for her forthcoming nuptials to Charlie and hope they live happily ever after in their converted barn in Surrey.

If you haven’t read it yet, follow the link for Binkie’s wedding planning story.

Image: The Telegraph

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