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Frock horror face-off: My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding vs My Big Fat Greek Wedding

By Andrea Petrou on March 25th, 2011 1 comment

Toula and mum

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Oh dear, we’ve seen some dresses in our day but when it comes to frock horrors there are two that stick distinctly in our minds.
And they’re both “Big” and both “Fat” which gives us a perfect opportunity to pitt them against each other. First up is the frock worn by Sam in Chanel 4’s Big Fat Gypsy Wedding series. Although there were other brides on the series this pink 14 stone dress with moving butterflies and LED lights really took the biscuit. So much so that the poor guests had to carry around a fire extinguisher. And of course in true traditional gypsy style her little bridesmaid her a miniature matching frock.
Sam’s frock foe comes in the shape of fictional film “My big fat Greek wedding” – although being Greek myself and attending a range of weddings I can confirm the film portrays them in an almost exact light. One thing that isn’t the same is the dress, which is a parody of the traditional puff 80s frock complete with sleeves. Toula’s bridesmaids may not have had the punishment of wearing her replica but they were landed with equally horrific blue dresses.
But who do you think wins the frock horror showdown?
View the gallery above and then vote below and let us know.

  • :)) toulas sucks :-j

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