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The decorating battle of the newlyweds

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on April 20th, 2011 1 comment

When you’re in the blissful state of newlyweds on honeymoon, day-to-day chores and other domestic trivialities seem so far away. But wedded bliss appears to be left firmly at the door for most newlyweds and no sooner than having walked across the threshold cracks begin to show if we’re to believe a new study by Crown Paints. What do people argue about you ask?

According to the survey it’s not about which school to send the future offspring to or who’s going to take out the rubbish, but how to decorate the new marital home. 6 in 10 newlyweds cite differing decorating ideas as one of the greatest causes of severe arguments between them.

The survey found that 19% of men wish to banish photos of the in-laws and their partners’ family heirloom, while for women the greatest bugbear is their partners’ games consoles and DVD/CD collections, with 30% wishing to ban them from the house altogether.

I totally understand that personality and interior design ideas can cause big clashes. If anything these new findings emphasise the importance of talking through any crazy decorating wishes and collector obsessions before tying the knot. After all you wouldn’t want to find your house filled with a massive collection of Super Mario memorabilia or have the whole flat painted in pink after you’ve got married, would you?

  • I can definitely see how the decorating of a roonm can cause arguments if the two partners disagree, but trust a paint company to come up with the study… lol

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