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Would you invite your ex to your wedding?

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on April 1st, 2011 0 comments yet. Be the First

Deciding on whether or not to invite your ex to your wedding is a tricky one. Suppose if you’ve managed to remain friends after the break-up (people like this exist out there – I know some!) then there would be no reason why not to invite him or her, but in reality most people do not part on good terms. One will usually be the heart breaker. Whichever you were, would you really want the one you once loved pledge their eternal love to someone else?? No, didn’t think so.

This is why we’re finding it quite funny that Kendra Wilkinson is a bit angry that she’s not received a ‘save the date’ card from her ex-boyfriend, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner who is set to marry fiancée Crystal Harris on 18th June at the Playboy Mansion. Kendra even admits to having another wedding – one of her closest friends! – on that very same date. Kendra, just go to the wedding you’ve already got an invite to.

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