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80% of British women would say ‘I don’t’ to the wrong engagement ring

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on May 25th, 2011 0 comments yet. Be the First

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We asked the question “do you tell him you hate your engagement ring?” a while back, which sparked interest with our readers who shared their stories.

Interestingly, new research by John Greed Jewellery (don’t put too much into the surname, we’re sure John is a very nice man and not greedy at all!) has found that an astounding 80% of British women would say “I don’t” to the wrong engagement ring.

There you have it. While men might worry about the type of ring to present to their (hopefully) wife-to-be, it is women who are very particular when it comes to the contents of that little box. After all an engagement ring is something you will be wearing for a long time, and should therefore be something you admire each time you look at it.

The survey also found that one in three women are not happy with their engagement ring and wish they could have chosen it themselves. A perhaps untraditional method, we’re all for getting it right the first time around, so boyfriends around the world looking to propose to their girlfriends take note, there are things you can do to ensure you get the definite “YES!”.

1) Ask her friends and family for help to choose the engagement ring. Chances are your girlfriend has spoken to her friends about what type of ring she wants – even before getting married was even on the agenda

2) Go ahead and propose, but make choosing the ring part of the proposal – or present her with a temporary piece of jewellery and make it clear that you wanted to go choose the ring together as you think it is romantic (no-one needs to know it’s because you have absolutely no idea of what type of engagement ring she’d like).

3) Take a chance and pick the engagement ring you want. Just be prepared that your girl might say “no.”

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