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Remarrying your ex: Marie Osmond has, would you?

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on May 5th, 2011 10 comments

Photo: Isaac Brekken/AP/Press Association Images

Even though we mostly float around on cloud 9 here in the Bridalwave offices – in a dream of wedding gowns, bridal accessories and wedding cakes – we also know that at times marriages don’t last, even if the ceremony was out of this world.

This morning we heard that Marie Osmond – of Donny and Marie Osmond fame – remarried her first husband yesterday, 4 May 2011. The singing star wed former basketball player Stephen Craig in Las Vegas almost 30 years after they first tied the knot – and she wore the SAME wedding dress as at their 1982 ceremony!!

Our first thought was “Aww isn’t that sweet. Rekindling their romance after all these years.” Then “Will it last?” popped into our heads. After all something did go wrong the first time around…

The late Dame Elizabeth Taylor famously wed and divorced Richard Burton twice. And while we hope for Marie’s sake that her second marriage to Stephen will last, we’d very much like to hear your views on this : Can marrying your ex-husband truly work?

  • Deborah Lane

    It could never work for me. Too much has happened – too many dreams have been crushed – some things may be forgiven, but never forgotten!!

  • Liz

    Well I’m shortly doing a Marie so I’II let you know!

    Seriously though after 7 lonely years apart I got back with my ex husband as we both realised that we are each others soul mate & no-one else would ever be right!

    Life’s too short not to give ourselves that 2nd chane!

  • For sure! People change, they grow up and learn from their past (at least everybody should), so if they trully agree to do things in a different way, it can really last forever.

  • mary wiseley

    I am next June!! married him in 99 divorced in 03 will remarry in 13…

  • Michelle Robins

    I am marrying my ex husband on Friday 7th October 2011 after 16 years on that date on 1995!
    Better the devil you know! Joke……
    No really I feel that sometimes it’s good to break up and to find that things weren’t bad.
    I agree with Liz……

    People now days give up and divorced like it’s out of fashion!
    More you date, married and divorced, more baggage you carry.

  • Elisabeth Edvardsen

    Thanks for your comment Michelle, and congratulations on your forthcoming nuptials!

    It appears that many out there meet again and discover that the spark is still there. I agree, sometimes perhaps a break is good to see that things weren’t that bad, and to grow as individuals separately to have a much stronger union in the future.

    We wish you all the best!

  • Maureen Van Hook

    I did, 18 years ago. Remarried on the same date. I’m not good at remembering dates at all so we kept it easy. We both know that on one else will put up with us except each other. I don’t always like him, but I do always love him. We are soul mates.

  • Elisabeth

    How wonderful it must feel to have found your soul mate. Happy to hear you got back with him! Hope it is all going well. Besides being in love doesn’t mean you have to like him always 😉

  • i wish them both the best but i couldn’t do it 🙂

  • Lynelesagek

    Sometimes after a while, you realize what you had… when you both are on the same line,,, it is great… I will remary for the 3rd time this november… this one will last.. he is my best friend and the sweetiest man I met… Good luck to you both.

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