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Cheryl Cole off on ‘second honeymoon’ with ex-hubby Ashley as they rekindle romance?

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on July 11th, 2011 0 comments yet. Be the First

Cheryl and Ashley: Back on? (Photo: PA)

We have so far not really mentioned Cheryl Cole’s rekindled romance with ex-hubby Ashley Cole. It’s not that we disagree or agree – each to their own – but we have just had too much other great things to write about.

If you’ve followed the news you know all about it, but here is a recap to get you up to speed on the Cheryl and Ashley saga. The couple divorced in 2010 after Ashley was revealed to have had a string of affairs, Cheryl started her new career as a TV talent show judge, she ended up flying out to the US to make it big this year, was publicly “dumped” by Simon Cowell and FOX after reported a) Americans couldn’t understand her Geordie accent and b) ‘lack of chemistry’ with fellow judge Paula Abdul.  Now back in the UK, licking her wounds we’re sure, Cheryl has rekindled her romantic links with Ashley, and the two are now reportedly planning a second honeymoon.

Despite being against the reunion at first, Cheryl’s mother Joan is apparently beginning to warm to the idea of them reuniting, and have given them her blessing to take a romantic holiday to South Africa.

If they can make it work a second time around we’re happy for them, but that can’t be said of Cheryl’s ex-boyfriend Derek Hough, who took the singer to South Africa twice last year.

A source close to Derek told the Daily Star: “It’s a kick in the teeth. The poor man has been unceremoniously dumped by Cheryl and now she and Ashley are off to Africa which Derek used to call ‘their place’.” Ouch!

But heading to South Africa for a romantic break wasn’t Cheryl’s idea; it was her mum’s if we are to believe the rumours. Joan suggested it as a destination instead of the Caribbean when footballer Ashley mentioned whisking Cheryl away.

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