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Couple say ‘I do’ with Marmite themed wedding

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on July 13th, 2011 2 comments

Either you love or hate this wedding theme.

British couple Terry and Jennifer Constant are apparently so massive fans of Marmite that they themed their whole wedding around the food spread. As the pictures revealed the wedding cake was Marmite inspired, and the lucky wedding guests could indulge in the yeast extract as mini pots of the spread were dotted around the reception area.

The couple met at university over a cheese and Marmite sandwich and love grew from there, bonding over how much the both loved Marmite.

And of course Marmite have been included in their honeymoon snaps – the couple is currently on honeymoon in Indonesia.

Now we can hear you scream “blatant PR-story” – which it very much is. We’re just wondering how Marmite managed to find this couple… And how posed is that wedding photo!

Images: SWNS via

  • Terry_constant

    Hi there, 

    Im afraid it wasn’t a fake wedding, it was my wedding and it rocked! We had it in the Brecons and had a marmite london cab, a marmite custom made wedding hat and that lush marmite and chocolote cake! Epic! Little pots of the amazing spread dusted the place for all to enjoy whenever they fancied a little taste. 

    Marmite brought us together and is the Spread of Love. We’ve been together 9 years and its all thanks to a cheese and marmite sarnie at uni (well, and her being extremely fit and me asking her out!). 

    Lol. Check out our society if you fancy seeing how real and passionate are about marmite: It is closed to any new members but 334 of us currently meet to spread all things marmitey and just share in our marmite filled lives! And its all real! Lol. Awesome. 

  • Isis

    I’ve only just come across this, but this was no PR stunt, this was a genuine Marmite loving couple who decided to have a Marmite themed wedding.  

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