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What British singletons are looking for in a partner

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on August 23rd, 2011 0 comments yet. Be the First

You lucky girls and fellas reading Bridalwave have most likely found your perfect match so there’s no need to look further. But for us singletons the search is still on and the older we get the more difficult it seems, not to mention the bad habits people tend to pick up over the years….

But what traits do you look for in a partner? Tall, dark and handsome springs to my mind, as well as being trustworthy and he definitely needs to be able to make me laugh.

Dating website have taken it upon themselves to quiz British singles on traits a future partner must have and those they shouldn’t have. The findings, though not groundbreaking, are a good pointer for anyone singles reading this (I know you’re out there!) of how to attract potential partners.

Top Four Must Haves
1. Good sense of humour
2. Being affectionate
3. Loyalty
4. Good communication

Top Four Can’t Stands
1. Lying
2. Cheating
3. Rudeness
4. Poor hygiene

It goes without saying that us girls (and boys) want to be treated with respect, not be cheated on, and feel loved. And bad teeth (is that just me?!) and poor hygiene is definitely a no-no! But in the end we just want to find someone who loves us like we love them. It’s all about loving and being loved in return.

Now engaged and married readers – did your OH have any good/bad traits that you adore or simply have learned to live with?

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