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Geeky proposals: Google engineer proposes using Google Maps for romantic scavenger hunt

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on September 5th, 2011 1 comment

If you follow my work you’ll know that I from time to time dip into the world of tech and geek culture for ShinyShiny – basically anything online/different/kitsch etc etc – so when I came across this story of what can only be described as a geeky, yet creative proposal I had to share.

Google engineer Ari Gilder sent his girlfriend Faigy on a scavenger hunt in New York City armed with a Nexus One and the Google Maps mobile app (we sense a plug here… but will go with it anyway) with the ultimate prize (if you are so inclined): a marriage proposal.

Writing on Google’s blog Ari wrote: “On the road to ‘The Big Question,’ I wanted Faigy to visit places around New York City that were filled with memories of our relationship. I used My Maps to plan out the route – from the Trader Joe’s we shop at on the Upper West Side, to Magnolia Bakery where we spent part of our first date, to Hudson Bar & Lounge where we enjoyed a night of dancing, to Carnegie Hall where Faigy once surprised me with tickets to a Beethoven concert, all the way to the lighthouse on Roosevelt Island where we went on our second date.”

At each location Faigy was handed a red rose by a friend, took a picture (see gallery) and checked in on Google Maps. Faigy would only get the next clue by putting a password in to a custom built app based on questions her friends asked her on the way. Clever eh! When she answered correctly she’d get the next location. This is what we call a well-planned and highly innovative wedding proposal. Note guys, no more hiding the ring in a champagne flute we want high tech adventures.

Guess you already know what Faigy answered to the last question…

The engagement route

Picture 1 of 5

(Via Mashable / Images Google Blog)

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