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Wedding Tech: The way to StumbleUpon a proposal!

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on September 8th, 2011 0 comments yet. Be the First

Yay another innovative geeky proposal! I recently wrote about the Google engineer who sent his girlfriend on a romantic scavenger hunt around New York City using Google Maps and now this guy has used StumbleUpon.

Tyrel Hartman wanted to marry his girlfriend Marquita Arguello and was looking for a memorable way to propose. The couple who don’t own a TV often spend time together Stumbling through the internet to entertain themselves. So guess how surprised Marquita was when they stumbled upon a recommended website showing a photo of Tyrel holding up a series of posters that ended with one saying ‘Will you marry me? Aww am getting a Love Actually flashback.

StumbleUpon is based on your interest and will whizz you through the web to website that it thinks you’ll be interested in. So in order for Marquita to end up on Tyrel’s specially-made blog on this day had to involve some cooperation from the company itself.

As with a lot of proposals most of it will be rigged to fit perfectly. This is a very cute way of proposing, but I still favour the ‘I am so in love with you I need to ask you right now’ type of proposals.

Also – not doubting the couple’s love for each other – but the fact that Tyrel was able to choose pages like zombie weddings, a video of a dog saying ‘I love you’ and a graphic with the words ‘Say yes!’ to appear before Marquita landed on his page means that she’d been influenced subconsciously… Or am I just being unromantic…

And here’s the video capturing the whole StumbleUpon proposal

Via Mashable

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