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Wedding day diets: Bridalwave tests Diet Chef

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on November 16th, 2011 0 comments yet. Be the First

For many brides-to-be the number one thing on their wedding check-list is to lose a few pounds before the big day so they look their best in the wedding photos. However rushing around to get everything sorted can leave you ‘forgetting’ to go food shopping and instead grabbing whatever is closest and easiest, and without you even noticing your wedding day diet has gone out the window. But what if you could have your week’s supply of food delivered straight to your doorstep?

How it works

Diet Chef is a weight loss plan that helps you control your daily calorie intake without the hassle of actually having to calculate meals yourself. Simply choose among a great variety of chef prepared ready meals for dinner, soups or smoothies for lunch and granola or porridge for breakfast – and a daily snack for when you need a fix – and have a hamper full of Diet Chef goodies sent to your home.

With a total tally of around 1,200 calories, you will be burning fat each and every day, so you’re bound to lose those stubborn pounds if you stick with it. The products also contain no artificial colours, no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavouring and no trans-fats, and with a focus on taste as well as being healthy and low in calories what’s not to like?

The experience

My box arrived filled with tasty sounding microwavable packets that were easily stored in the kitchen cupboard and fridge. And after the initial shock of portion sizes had dwindled, I was excited to be dining on dishes like vanilla and banana porridge, sweet potato and coconut soup, chicken korma and salmon & vegetable bake for a week. Yum! You can also add rice/pasta or a vegetable serving at the main meal to fill the plate a bit more and a small piece of fruit as a snack.

Throughout the week I had the granola with a dash of skimmed milk, kept my energy levels up during office hours with warming soups and enjoyed flavoursome evening meals that would be a lot more fatty – and pricey – should I have made them myself (or opted for a takeaway!).

I really enjoyed the freedom of not having to go to the supermarket for a whole week, and while I’m not a bride-to-be myself, I can certainly guarantee that Diet Chef is a great timesaver.

My general mood also improved throughout the week as I knew my calorie intake was low, without my diet being unhealthy. So for the first time in a long time I wasn’t thinking about how many calories this had compared to that, making it perfect for stressed-out brides. Also the knowledge that a tasty meal is waiting for you all times is great and with preparation kept as simple as can be, you’ll have lots of spare time to take care of other wedding necessities.

Did it work?
It certainly did! While I didn’t lose as much weight as I had hoped (probably those sneaky G&Ts at the end of the working week), I still managed to lose 3lbs in seven days.

Apart from the losing weight aspect, the affordable price will be a welcome bonus for budget conscious brides. Diet Chef will set you back from as little as £5.57 per day (for Diet Chef 1200 on Pay Monthly), and if you opt for the monthly subscription you get one week free EVERY month. So for the price of what my lunch alone costs, I got one whole day of food worth. Result!

My advice to brides-to-be: sign up at least one month before your last dress fitting and continue straight on through to your wedding day.

Diet Chef costs from £39 per week (3 months on Pay Monthly) which works out at £5.57 per day. For more details or to order visit or call 0845 302 8303.

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