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Pre-wedding detox with the Juice Master and Philips

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on February 19th, 2012 0 comments yet. Be the First

Most brides-to-be will agree that getting ready for your wedding isn’t all about finding the dress, the venue, and everything else that goes with planning a day of romance and celebration. It is also about making sure you look your best. After all, all eyes will be on you – unless the man you are marrying is David Beckham in his underwear that is.

So what can you do to look like a siren on your wedding day?

First of all drink lots of water and make sure you get enough sleep. Panda eyes and dry skin will not look good on any wedding photo. But if you are agonising over those stubborn pounds that just won’t shift we’ll tell you about a little thing called the Juice Master 7 Day Detox.

We would never advice you to go on a crash diet as it just isn’t healthy and those pounds you lose will probably be back with a vengeance once you go back to eating normally. The best way to do it is to find something that will help you slim down a bit, reduce any bloating, boost your energy levels (you will definitely need lots of energy in the weeks running up to your wedding) and this is where the Juice Master detox comes in.

And as with most things we wouldn’t dream of recommending you something that we haven’t tried ourselves, so when Philips asked us to take part in the World’s Biggest Juice Detox – and a potential 7 lbs lighter  in 7 days – this January we jumped at the chance. So Bridalwave editor, Elisabeth (me!), let Philips take over her diet for a week, provide all fruit and veg needed – and a wicked juicer*! – and here’s what happened:

The detox

Developed by the Juice Master, Jason Vale, the detox involved drinking nothing but homemade juices and smoothies for seven days (apart from water of course!). The seven day juice plan consisted of six juices/smoothies each day at three intervals plus water and fennel or mint tea.

As a self-confessed coffee addict, I knew not being allowed coffee would hit me hard – The Juice Master even warns you about this in his book, The Juice Master Diet: 7 lbs in 7 Days. And boy did it. Having started on a Monday morning, I got up early to prepare the delicious and nutritious juices for the working day, tasting the wheatgrass on its own (not recommended) and happily filled up on juiced vegetables and fruit throughout the day. I wasn’t feeling hungry at all, but my oh my did the caffeine withdrawals hit me in the evening. It also didn’t help that I was coming down with a cold either…

Day 2 was not bad at all as the caffeine in my bloodstream was being substituted with fresh fruit and veg juice.

Day 3 on the other hand I couldn’t stomach having another vegetable based juice, but I think was mostly to do with the colour of the juice. As I had to make all my daytime juices in the morning before heading to the office, by the time afternoon came around the juices had got rather nondescript green colour that made me slightly nauseous by looking at it. But I could feel my energy levels increase and my post-Christmas chocolate skin was also starting to look noticeably better.

Luckily on Day 4 we received two great eco-bottles by SIGG to carry the juices in when out and about. And by not having to see them – and also having left out the spinach, wheatgrass and spirulina powder – I felt much better about juicing it up for lunch. I even brought them with me on a long walk around London on day 6, Saturday.

By the time day 7 came around, my sniffles (see above) had turned into a full blown cold and my body was craving some solid sustenance. And I gave in. Had some delicious eggs benedict at this place and a wonderful cup of coffee from here. Hey if you’re going to be bad you might as well do it properly.

The result

While I didn’t last the complete seven days, the results were great. I lost 6.2lbs and my skinny jeans definitely fit better. I also felt less bloated, so my stomach looked a lot flatter. Having been off the detox for a few weeks now, I am thinking about going back on it as it did make me feel great. But I’d probably keep drinking coffee…

For any brides wanting to detox before their wedding, a word of wisdom. While it will make you look and feel fantastic, make sure you start early enough so that you have weened yourself on some solid foods before your wedding. For after one week of nothing but liquids, your digestive system will not be happy if your suddenly start eating.

Our favourite juice recipe: The Lemon/Ginger Zinger

2 carrots

2 apples

1 inch slice of lemon

1/4 inch fresh ginger

Juice and pour over ice


*Philips kindly provided a brilliant super-powered Avance juicer.

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