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How to propose to your girlfriend: The good, the bad and the ugly…

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on March 28th, 2012 0 comments yet. Be the First

Last weekend I was enjoying a lovely Saturday afternoon luncheon with good friends on London’s Primrose Hill, looking out over the hazy city skyline. We were chatting birthdays (mine), travels, and life as we soaked up the sun on the glorious March day.

Primrose Hill, with all its surrounding beauty, is also a popular date destination for couples, old and new – often seen snuggled up oblivious to the crowds around. This particular day one couple in particular grabbed our attention.

The guy – in his twenties – put on a wonderful picnic spread for the object of his affection, a cute girl also in her twenties. There was Laurent Perrier Champagne, real glasses (in a park you notice this) and some well thought out nibbles. Apart from perhaps being one of their first dates, my friends and I started to wonder if he was going to propose – or as one called it: Primosing (that’s proposing on Primrose if you wondered). It all turned very exciting when he presented her with a box…

This got me thinking about proposals and what is the best way to pop the question. While being proposed to on Primrose Hill as the capital looks on could be some girl’s dream, it could be some other girl’s nightmare. But what are the good, the bad and the downright ugly ways of proposing?

The ugly proposals

In this category fall the cheesy, unimaginative and downright boring proposals. Asking someone to marry you through the means of a big screen at a sporting event springs to mind. Not only are you putting yourself up for potential humiliation in front of several thousands of people, you are also putting the girl in a horrible position. There they find themselves on the screen, totally taken by surprise. Regardless of what they may say, girls care about what they look like and to have your face blown up to insane proportions with everyone watching is simply not on.

Valentine’s Day-engagement-ring-in-the-champagne-glass proposals also fall into this section.

The bad proposals

Going all Romeo, spitting out poem after poem to your chosen one isn’t the best way forward.  Even though poetry can be beautiful, the girls really just want to hear what is in your heart. So speak from it!

If your girl is a covert (or fully outed) geek, she might find a social media proposal charming, but best to do it in person and rather announce it through the web I’d say.

I’d also put any proposals that entail hiding the ring in any form of food. Not only do you risk the girl accidentally swallowing the ring, she probably doesn’t want her bling covered in cake.

The good proposals

Now for the good ways to propose! These are the ones that show you truly know the person you’re asking to marry you or are unique. What this is only you know, but to give you some inspiration they could include bringing her to the first place you kissed or said ‘I love you’. In other words, any place that is special to you and that will bring back those memories. Hey she might even be more inclined to say yes simply because of this.

Alternatively, get creative and plan a proposal to sweep her off her feet. Remember the musical marriage proposal on the Euston train? It wasn’t the most romantic of places, but it sure was memorable! Adam had enlisted his choir to serenade his then girlfriend Lucy. Aww…

There was also the guy who had made a movie trailer for his proposal which culminated with him entering the cinema screen to pop the question. Brilliant! Or the one that organised for his girlfriend to go on a StumbleUpon adventure. Cute!

You can see videos of both of the proposals below. But what is in your opinion the good or the bad way to propose?

Now back to the guy and the girl on Primrose Hill. As I mentioned, he did bring out a box to present to the girl. And it was a very recognisable one…

It was the iconic white box of Apple’s new iPad. She didn’t seem too fussed, but all of us girls concurred this was one box we’d like our boyfriends to give us… at least for now.

*The above opinions are my own and not intended to offend anyone. In the end what is right for you is the best way. And anyone proposing to me should read the above…

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