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Wedding diet: Get dress ready with Strawberry Laser Lipo

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on May 22nd, 2012 0 comments yet. Be the First

When growing up most girls dream of miracles and marrying prince charming. The fact that you’re reading this tells me you’ve probably already found your prince, but what about miracles? For many women, the miracles they dreamt of as a young girl have been swapped with dreaming of the ‘ultimate miracle’: pain free and effortless weight loss.

From the moment your prince got down on one knee and popped the question, chances are your stress levels have been in high alert mode: seating plans, invite list, cakes and… the wedding dress. For many brides-to-be this is the most important piece of the whole wedding day puzzle. Not only do you want to look out-of-this-world beautiful to your husband-to-be, you’ll probably also want to ensure you are the best YOU, which means no room for a flabby belly. After all that might just ruin the way the perfect wedding dress fits you…

If you are worried about wobbly bits that might ruin your wedding day look, let me introduce you to a modern day miracle – Strawberry Laser Lipo.

Not me...

This non-invasive procedure works by targeting fat cells via low level laser energy, and promises up to melt up to four inches off your your chosen area, whether it is the waist, arms, thighs or, as I found out, knees. How does it do that you ask?

During the 10 minute sessions (it will hardly make a dent in your busy work/wedding planning schedule) the Strawberry Laser makes the fats cells become porous, enabling them to release water, glycerol and fatty acids via your lymphatic drainage system. However, you will need to do 20 minutes of cardio after each session to ensure that the nasty fat and toxins are banished from the body.

Too good to be true? Bridalwave put it to the test!

Whenever I mentioned laser and lipo in the same sentence people pulled grimaces that they’d only normally do when in agony, but the truth is that there is nothing painful about it. The laser feels more like a comforting hot water bottle giving you a hug of positivity and success than anything else. After one session I had already lost a bit around the stomach, so I eagerly continued the four week plan of twice weekly treatments, combined with cardio sessions and a mindful diet – little coffee and chocolate, but it’s worth it.

Again not me... I wasn't brave enough

After completing the recommended eight treatments the results were astonishing. I had lost 3 inches across my waist and stomach area and was definitely seeing the new me in the mirror. Success!

But here is a little piece of advice: seeing as your body will change shape make sure you still have a few dress fittings when you complete the treatment to avoid fretting about any last minute changes to the gown.

Modern day miracles come at a price though, £1,195 for eight sessions, so make sure you’re committed to the cause and make room in the wedding budget. But it’s well worth it!

The Strawberry Laser Centre is located at The Body Silk Clinic at 8 Lovat Lane, London, EC3R 8DT


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