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How to ensure you have the perfect wedding dress

By shinychris on June 21st, 2012 0 comments yet. Be the First

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It’s common knowledge that women dream of their wedding day as soon as they’re old enough to say Oscar de la Renta. This fantasy rarely dissipates, and follows women into adulthood. It’s no exaggeration, therefore, that a woman’s wedding is one of the most important days of her life – and the dress is a major part of that.

Whether you’re looking in bridal shops, sample sales, thrift stores, or you’re depending on eBay and a trusty courier service, there are certain things that every bride will need to take into consideration.


The latest haven for brides-to-be is Pinterest – the online pin board for sparking ideas. If you start pinning your favourite dresses, colours and trends from the web, it won’t be long before you have more ideas to know what to do with.

Magazines are also a great source of inspiration – some wedding magazines feature other people’s weddings which could ignite a great idea for your dress. Don’t neglect other fashion magazines, though, as these will also help in honing in on your perfect style. Your friends and family will also be a great source for ideas – finding out what did and didn’t work for them will be helpful.


One of many dilemmas for brides to be is when to start looking for their dress. The general consensus is that six months before the date is the optimum time to start looking. This way, you’re not too late for recent trends, without leaving it too late.

Many brides start dress shopping as soon as they get engaged – but think carefully about doing this. Some brides find The One a year or so before the big day and the lust they have for their dress is unfaltering right up to their wedding. If you follow fashion trends, however, your engagement could see you through a few seasons – so if you know you might get tempted, perhaps hold off until closer to the date. Similarly, if your figure is susceptible to fluctuations, it’s another good reason to try and resist temptation early on into your engagement.


When it comes to colour, cut and style, even the most decisive bride in the world will find it challenging to narrow down her options. There is an ocean of different styles out there, and you’re just one tiny little bride-to-be trying to stay afloat.

The best way to stay afloat is to think about other factors of your wedding first. Take into consideration your venue – if you’re getting married abroad, perhaps on a beach, for instance, this will have a big influence on your dress choice.  You should also bear in mind the time of year your wedding is booked for. A summer wedding will require a dress that will keep you cool when you’re standing in the heat having your photos taken. A winder dress will possibly need a bit more sleeve.

Once you’ve begun the dress hunt, keep an open mind. Don’t eliminate too many styles upfront, as there’s always a disparity between how a dress looks on a hanger to how it looks on a person. Eliminating certain styles without trying them on first could mean you miss the perfect dress!

The next factor to consider is what suits you – your complexion, height and body shape. We’re all aware of what we can and can’t get away with, and what accentuates our best bits – so apply this to your dress. There is a dress to flatter all shapes and sizes – if you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to ask, and do your research!


If one of your non-negotiable stipulations for a dress is that it’s on-trend, fear not: here is a breakdown of Spring 2013’s crème de la crème of catwalk trends for stylish brides.


Big, voluminous, skirts are back – so if you want a princess dress, you get a princess dress.


If you’re looking for something girly and pretty, now is the perfect time to get hunting for bows. Designers have embraced femininity with bows of all sizes.


The colour of love has finally hit the wedding scene, where it rightfully belongs.


There has been a very successful marriage between designers and sparkle – so the more embellishment, the better.


The contrast between white and black can make for a breathtaking, dramatic and utterly beautiful dress – and lucky for you, designers have produced a fusion between black and white dresses that won’t disappoint.

Although there’s a ton of things to consider when dress shopping, the most important thing is to remember to enjoy it!

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