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Dress clash worse than forgetting the groom’s name, survey finds

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on September 20th, 2012 0 comments yet. Be the First

What’s most important at a wedding: remembering the groom’s name or showing up in the same outfit as another guest?

Forgetting the name of someone is easily done – we’ve all been there. But if you’ve been invited to your friend’s wedding you’d think learning the name of her chosen fella would be a given and, heavens forbid, forgetting his name would be the worst thing ever. Think again.

A recent survey by website Dress Spy has found that over one third of women felt that turning up to a wedding in the same outfit as another guest would be far, far more horrifying. And apparently the worry of this intensified the older the women were. The results showed that women over 30 worried more about dress clashes than their younger counterparts. And those who had passed 40 took the issue very seriously indeed.

Have you ever turned up at a wedding wearing the same as another guest?

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