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Majority of British women think ideal age to get married is before they reach 30

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on November 13th, 2012 0 comments yet. Be the First

To most thirty-something city dwelling women thirty is definitely the new twenty, as they’re in no apparent rush to settle down, have the 2.1 kids and become the UK equivalent of a ‘soccer mom’. After all there are just far too many overpriced dining experiences, skiing holidays and pretty shoes to spend their hard-earned money on… That said, we suspect many of them would quite like a huge sparkling diamond from their chosen mate – not necessarily because they desperately want to get married, but because it would look so darn good!

With modern technologies and medical advancements allowing us to push off ‘age’ and ‘life decisions’ it is interesting to learn that many British women think it’s ideal to get married before you hit the big three-0. Is there still stigma attached to reaching the young age of 30 and still be unmarried?

A new poll by YouGov has discovered that over half (53%) of British women think the ideal time to get married is between the ages of 25 and 29. Around one fifth of those asked thought 30 to 34 was ideal. The men and would be grooms on the other hand were more divided: 44% said 25-29 is the best time, while 24% believe 30-34 is the ideal age. Only 10% and 11% of men and women respectively thought  20-24  to be the best age for marriage.

Most are putting of getting married until their early thirties so that they can have saved up enough to foot the bill themselves, which was reflected in the same poll. 55% of those asked think the bride and groom should pay for their own wedding, while around one third believe both sets of parents should pay. Only a meagre 5% were of the opinion that the parents of the bride should bear the main cost of a wedding – which as we know used to be the norm.

What do you consider the ‘ideal age’ to get married is?

*Poll conducted by YouGov; 1,816 GB adults aged 18+ participated.

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