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Bridal manicure: Your guide to perfect wedding nails

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on December 13th, 2012 0 comments yet. Be the First

After the wedding dress and your sparkling smile, the third most important thing to have on your wedding day is well-manicured nails. It’s no good being all polished only for your nails to ruin your bridal look. It might be a good idea to stay well clear of elaborate nail art and instead play it safe with a classic French manicure – little bows may look pretty but you don’t want to take the attention of the ring would you? Here’s a handy guide on how to achieve perfect French manicured wedding nails.

Start early when it comes to moisturising. Condition your hands with a good quality hand cream every night at least one month before the wedding. And don’t forget to keep your whole body hydrated from the inside out by drinking enough water too.

Invest in some cuticle oil to keep the cuticles nourished.

Ready to start the manicure? Good.

Trim your nails to a manageable length and file them carefully in the shape you’d like. We prefer a more square shape, while others go for a more classic rounded nail.

Now apply one layer of base coat. This is very important – even if not using a dark colour.

Sit at a good table and with a steady hand paint on the white tips, preferably in pearl rather than tippex white for a more natural look.

With a cotton bud, remove any nail polish that has found its way to where it shouldn’t be. Once you’re happy with the tips it’s time for the next layer.

Paint an even layer of a pale pink polish (brands like OPI and Ciate are great). Don’t worry if you get air bubbles on your nail as the top coat should fix it.

Once dry add the top coat. Et voila, you’re done!

We’d recommend to try this several times before your wedding day if doing it yourself to make sure you perfect the technique.

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