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Bras for Strapless Wedding Dresses

By shinychris on January 21st, 2013 0 comments yet. Be the First

There are many different occasions when women wear strapless dresses, they can be formal occasions or more casual affairs, but there is no occasion as important as a woman’s wedding day. Traditional bras simply cannot be worn with strapless wedding dresses; this creates a need for special bra. There are actually a number of different bras that can be purchased to be worn with strapless wedding dresses.

Probably the most popular sort of bra for strapless wedding dresses is the strapless bra. The specific strapless bra a woman needs will also be based upon her breast size. Larger busted women will need a strapless bra that provides additional support. Small busted women may want to consider a strapless bra that has padding to help accentuate the breast. Also, smaller busted women find it can sometimes be a little more daunting to keep the dress up given their smaller size. Padding can help with this.

Strapless bras are not only important in regard to their lack of straps. Actually, the cut of the back is also important in determining which strapless bra is ideal. Some strapless bras have a band that fall across the back, as do some cheap bikinis, in much the same place as a traditional bra. This kind is sufficient for dresses that are not low cut.

But what about the strapless wedding dress that is also essentially backless? There is a bra made exactly for this occasion, it is corset style strapless bras that fit the need. These bras compensate for the lack of straps as well as a supporting back band by reinforcing different areas in the corset bra. Also, by making the bra longer to the waist, this provides more support when a garment doesn’t have straps or little backing. Don’t let the name fool you, this corset style bra is nothing like the uncomfortable garments of the past.

If you need a strapless bra for your wedding, My Curves & Me offer many different kinds and you will be sure to find the right one for your dress.

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