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How to choose your bridesmaids – which personality traits to look for

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on January 21st, 2013 1 comment

After the question has been popped, you’ve got that sparkly rock on your finger, and the excitement has died down ever so slightly, it’s time to start considering who to ask to be your bridesmaids and maid of honour.

The choice might be apparent: the girl who’s been your best friend since you were playing weddings with your Barbie dolls, your sister or future sister-in-law if you’re close, one or more of your closest friends from work, university or photography club (insert whichever hobby appropriate). Only you know who to choose and who you want to be sharing this special moment with you, but it would be worth keeping in mind which qualities your friends have as well. Here are some personality traits that you should be looking for:

The planner: You and your husband-to-be will be spending a lot of time planning and organising your wedding over the coming months. For some of you this will come naturally, but it can at times become overwhelming. This is when you want a good friend to turn to, who can help you tie down the last details and ensure everything goes according to plan on the wedding day itself. She doesn’t need to be a Monica Geller control-freak type (after all you don’t want her to take over the planning completely) but someone who can keep calm in case of a flower or cake emergency.

The listener: If you have someone who will willingly listen to all of your worries without judgement, she’ll be a great addition to the wedding party. This is the woman who will make you calming cups of tea to get you through your wedding planning journey.

The best-friend: Having your BFF there next to you as you exchange vows is priceless. This person (who said it had to be a woman) will have several good qualities that will be essential in the coming months. After all you wouldn’t call them your best friend if they were a horrible person, would you?

Which character traits are you looking for in your bridesmaids?


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