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Wedding DIY: Five table number projects

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on January 8th, 2013 1 comment

If you’re a crafty sort, then chances are you’re already planning on how to make decorations for your wedding reception. Not only can making your own wedding decorations be a fun project, but it can also help reduce the overall budget. We can all do with saving a few pennies here and there, can’t we?

As with all major events, place cards and seating plans are a must for wedding receptions. As are table numbers. But how can you make the numbering of tables a bit more creative than your usual card held up by a metal stick?

We’ve browsed our place for inspiration Etsy (we’re sure you do too!) and here are some ideas that we think are pretty clever. And if you’re after that DIY feel for your wedding, but haven’t got time or will do actually do things yourself, we’ve included links to the people who have done it for you.

1. Recycle used wine corks


Not that we need to be persuaded to have more cheese and wine nights, but think about how much fun you and your friends will have collection corks for this project! Start early and keep all wine corks you come across – ask friends for donations as well.

2. You’re my jam!


Nothing says home-made as jam jars, so if you’re after a natural, shabby chic feel to your wedding using empty jam jars as table number bases will look fab. You can also fill them with little wonders for extra effect!

3. Give old books a new life


If you and your husband to be share a love for books, this would be a novel way to add some bookish fun to your wedding reception. We’d advise you to start practising your paper folding as soon as possible though at it looks somewhat time-consuming.

4. Rustic tree slices


This idea requires some wood and an engraver (or a strong permanent marker), but would look great at any rustic themed weddings.

5. Nautical knots


You’re tying the knot you, so why use nautical rope knots as your a base for your table numbers?

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