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Ideas for Wedding Stationery – invitations, place cards and more

By Debs Cass on June 21st, 2013

Planning your perfect wedding day can be a lot of fun, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different options out there and not know where to start. Preparation often starts with the wedding invites – the first taste your guests will get of your big day.

Choosing a theme is an important first step, whether it’s colour, vintage, season or something special to you and your other half. Consider how the theme can be carried throughout your wedding day across all your wedding stationery, table decoration, flowers, bridal gown etc. In fact once you get started it can be difficult to stop, what with so many beautiful little details out there, to make your day one to remember.

Here’s our top ten wedding stationery ideas featuring different themes to get you started.

30’s Old Hollywood Glamour Wedding Stationery Range £1.50

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Get in on the glamourous Gatsby fever with 30’s old Hollywood style. Retro fonts with pale pink and contrasting black, this romantic style wedding stationery has a vintage feel with a sense of occasion. Printed on thick natural off white 320gsm card, 100% recycled and has a textured feel. not on the high street


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Our guide to Key Wedding Dress Shapes – know your Fishtail from your Mermaid

By Debs Cass on June 21st, 2013

Where to begin when the question has been popped? Often for brides-to-be it all starts with the dress, which can be a daunting experience in uncharted territories. Budgets can dictate designers ( – or not) or where to look, however this still leaves an infinite number of options regardless of price.

A good way to start this epic journey, can be to decide on which dress silhouette works best for your shape and style. After all, your wedding day will be you looking your absolute best – so consider what you want to show-off (or not) with the best dress for you.

Here’s a few key bridal dress silhouettes, ideal for all shapes and sizes.

Ball Gown

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A traditional, full-length ‘‘fairy tale’ wedding dress with a fitted bodice and full skirt flairing at the waist. Ideal to make waists smaller - particularly with a lace-up bodice and full skirt. Ideal for most shapes and looks great on pears. Can be overwhelming for petites. Vera Wang Lara Vera Wang

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Shoes – some ideas for Brides on footwear that isn’t just for one big day

By Debs Cass on June 12th, 2013

Old school fashion rules dictated that an outfit started with the shoes (or was it the hat?) Either way, we can bet this is not the case for most brides today – with the ‘dream dress’ taking precedence. However that doesn’t mean to say that shoes should be an afterthought. Why waste money on a pair of shoes a) You don’t particularly like b) Will never wear again. Why not go for a pair that not only goes perfectly with your dress, but you would also be happy to step out in another day…

Here’s our top ten pick of shoes perfect for all kinds of brides / outfits.

Emma Hope Florrie Sling in Silk Embroidery £379.00

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Delicate silk embroidered sling back shoes in ivory. Emma Hope

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Don’t forget! The last minute plans you need to make for your wedding

By Debs Cass on June 10th, 2013

The invitations have been heatedly debated over, sent and rsvp’d. The perfect dress agonised over (not to mention a small fortune spent on); The menu tasted and all those finicky details researched to the nth degree. Now there’s just time for those last minute jobs that didn’t make it higher up on your wedding plan.

So with just a few weeks to go ‘til you say those immortal words: ‘I’m sure I ordered the gold ones..’, here’s our last minute wedding tips we think could come in handy…

Thank you Cards Wedding Banner £13

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Rather than than waiting ‘til after the big day, it’s best to get on top of this job as each gift arrives, so that you are not running what seems like a production line post the glorious big day. This could even be one of these details that could be delegated to the groom, keeping track of what each gift is and how you will both appreciate it. You could however also use your wedding photo's with the help of this Thank You Wedding Banner for your cards: Made on 4x4 inch white chipboard. Antiqued edges with balck acrylic paint and hand stamped letters in black. Strung on a natural piece of twine with rafia ties to each end. Any Occassion Banners

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Wedding dresses on a budget – the best for under £750

By Debs Cass on June 10th, 2013

Making a limited wedding budget stretch can keep the savviest brides-to-be awake at night, however one option is not to blow the equivalent of the honeymoon on the dress. Not ignoring the fact that the dress plays a key role in the big day – so it still needs to be ‘the one’ for you, and as so many discerning brides are demanding these days, vintage style is ever sought after. With this in mind, here are our top ten vintage style wedding dresses suitable for all silhouettes, to be had for under £750.

Late 1950s / Early 1960s Vintage Wedding Dress £395

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Lace scoop neck dress with large rose detailing all-over, and sheer neckline and arms. Full skirt, shorter at the front and fanning out into a long scalloped train. Back has plunge neck, four white ribbon ties, and full train with scalloped edging. Etsy

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June 5th: Wear your wedding dress to work day

By shinychris on June 1st, 2013

wedding dressOn Wednesday 5th June 2013 people across the country are expected to don bridal gowns, top hats and fascinators on their commutes to work and in offices across the UK.

To celebrate the DVD and Blu-ray release of romantic comedy, I Give it a Year, on 3rd June, STUDIOCANAL is encouraging people to honour a new annual tradition and wear their wedding dresses to work in aid of the British Heart Foundation (BHF). For every individual that sends a picture in to the STUDIOCANAL Facebook page, STUDIOCANAL will donate £1 to the nation’s heart charity.

Whether you are marking your first year of marriage or your Silver Wedding Anniversary, the day will be a chance to celebrate and reminisce about the most significant day of your life.

The BHF is leading the fight against coronary heart disease – the UK’s single biggest killer. Donations are needed to help the BHF continue its fight for every heartbeat.

Taking part is easy. You can donate here: And send your photos here:


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Top 10 Tips for picking the perfect Wedding Ring

By shinychris on May 7th, 2013
Diamond Wedding Ring in white gold

Diamond Wedding Ring in white gold

Picking the perfect wedding ring is an important step for any couple as they are the symbol of eternal love and are likely to be worn for the rest of your life. Vashi Dominguez, CEO of offers his top 10 tips on how to choose the perfect wedding bands.

1. His and hers
Do you opt for identical his and her wedding rings or buy different wedding bands for you and your partner? Matching wedding rings doesn’t have to mean that you both end up with the exact same wedding ring.

2. Budget
Weddings are expensive, but a wedding ring is for life. You and your partner will need to decide how much you can realistically afford to spend on your wedding rings. Don’t get carried away by fabulous and expensive rings, but don’t buy wedding rings too cheap either and regret it in years to come. Know your budget and stick to it. Do your research and get the best wedding ring you can possibly buy for your money.

3. Combination
Will the wedding ring be worn alongside an engagement ring? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you may want to consider buying her a curved wedding ring or even one that matches and complements the engagement ring. A curved wedding ring will sit smoothly around the diamond on her diamond engagement ring. A popular choice is to have both engagement and wedding rings designed in the same metal and style.

4. Comfort
If you and your partner enjoy sports and an active lifestyle in general, you may want to opt for wedding bands that are robust, secure and don’t scratch easily. A diamond wedding ring with a whopping great stone looks fantastic, but you may find it uncomfortable in the long run. It may also scratch or get caught in clothing more easily.

5. Setting
A flush or bezel setting for a diamond wedding ring is more secure, but a prong setting allows more light to go through the diamond. In other words, a diamond solitaire ring with a prong setting creates more sparkle. Wedding rings with a bezel setting or a flush set diamond show only the top of the gems with a nice edge around it, making it less likely to catch on your clothes.

Channel Set Diamond Wedding Ring

Channel Set Diamond Wedding Ring

6. Metal
Should you go for white gold wedding rings, platinum wedding bands, silver or for a yellow gold wedding ring? Silver is a relatively soft metal and will tarnish over time. Gold, whether white gold or yellow gold wedding rings, is fine as long as it not more than 18k (pure gold is 24k, whereas 18k gold is made by mixing 75% gold with 25% other metals). White gold is coated in rhodium, a metal similar to platinum, to create a real white look. Unfortunately, this thin layer of rhodium will eventually wear off. To keep a white gold ring looking its best it should be re-rhodium plated approximately every 12 to 18 months. Platinum is the strongest of the jewellery metals, resistant to damage and won’t tarnish, making it a great choice if you can afford it.

7. Style
Remember that you are likely to wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life. A ‘Twilight’ style goth ring may set your pulse racing now, but will it still be a fitting choice twenty years from now?

8. Design your own wedding ring
For something truly unique, why not design your own wedding rings? Although a wide range of beautiful pre-set wedding rings is widely available, you could decide to create your own, very personal wedding ring designs. Just remember though, that you are very likely to be wearing your wedding rings for the rest of your life.

9. Diamonds
It used to be said that the size of a diamond was proportionate to how much you loved your partner. Nowadays we know better. Quality is just as important. When you buy your diamond engagement ring or diamond wedding ring, it pays to read up on “the 4 Cs of diamonds” (cut, colour, clarity and carat weight).

10. Engravings
Engraving your wedding band is the best way to make your rings unique and personal to you. Possibly opt for your names and wedding date, or a message of your choice for a special, personal touch.

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This season’s best outfits and accessories for mother of the bride

By Debs Cass on April 15th, 2013

Think of a ‘Mother of the bride’ (MOTB) and your mind is probably conjuring up images of flushed older ladies decorated in large cabbage-rose print and frothing with frills. Nice. However this Hyacinth Bouquet caricature is simply not that representative of most mothers these days. Weddings are less traditional now (at least if you want them to be) and are breaking free from the norm of the standard ‘chicken dinner’, to what is considered appropriate wedding guest attire. For example white is now not necessarily ‘off’ the menu for guests, and the shiny lilac coat dress with matching shift number is not obligatory for MOTB. Nor is it necessary for everyone to spend the equivalent of a summer holiday attending the event, including the most likely already over-spent MOTB.

Choosing a gorgeous, stand-out outfit – but not too stand-out to look like you’re competing with your daughter, God forbid! – needn’t be a nightmare, nor a one-off outfit never to be seen again. Here’s a selection of high street outfits to suit all budgets with silhouettes to flatter many shapes that we think are stylish, classic and stand-out – for you equally gorgeous mothers.


Picture 1 of 14

A standout coat for sure! This collarless dress-coat has elaborate mesh floral cut out and button detail. Cinched at the waist with a slim waist belt and fully lined. Fabric: 3% Elastane,97% Polyester Coast

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Wedding on a budget – Vintage Dresses for under £500

By Debs Cass on March 21st, 2013

It’s no secret that weddings can cost the earth, and when the budget’s tight (or non-existent) it doesn’t mean to say the dress has to look budget. If you have your heart set on a vintage style wedding, and want your dress to be unique and have some history about it – it can pay-off to look outside of the more standard bridal choices. Consider going for something previously worn – just the once, or something new recreated in a vintage style, to create that unique look you’re looking for. Here’s some vintage style gems we have stumbled across that won’t blow the budget…

Cordelia Vintage Tulle Dress £395

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This vintage inspired bridal dress is made from luxury tulle, with flattering sweeping V neck line and wide skirt. The tulle overlay sits over the satin with intricate and decorative beading. Web Exclusive. BHS


Honeymoon – Adventure or Relaxation

By Cecilia Rydberg on March 17th, 2013

by Cecilia Rydberg

Dilemma does not really seem to suit the feelings and expectations one imagines when speaking of or thinking about where to go on one’s honeymoon. But isn’t there a dilemma? Where should we go, what should we do? Shall we lie on the beach for 10 days straight or go trekking on the slopes of Kilimanjaro?
For those of you who are on the fence on which way to go for this special occasion, here are a few ideas from two extremes (and one in between) of the honeymoon spectrum.

Kia Orana – See, that means ‘hello’ in Cook Island speak. Home to sand so white it looks fake. It’s not.
This island is located in the South Pacific Island, near the Fiji Islands. It is the ideal place for a couple looking for a relaxing, spa-infused, Polynesian heaven getaway. The island offers many a honeymoon resort and hotel, targeted more toward the couple looking for the height of relaxation.

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 19.23.16

How about a trip down the Amazon River? Something for the adventurous and eco-conscious soul, the Amazon and its basin flows through six South American countries (Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador), which are all experiencing an increased rise in tourism and interest from environmentally aware travellers. Many of the holiday/honeymoon packages here include accommodation which runs on solar power, along with an itinerary of filled with adventure, like informative river boat rides, treks in the rainforest, bird-watching and visits to the local tribes.

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 19.24.01

Or how about something completely out of left field, combining heat and ice cold temperatures, adventure and extreme luxury, how about the IceHotel in the very north of Sweden. Not only are the surroundings breathtaking with white snow and ice as long as the eye can see, but couples can take a dogsled tour, snowmobile safari or visit the local Sami people. At the end of the day you can slip into your sleeping bag in a bed lined with reindeer skin. Cozy, wouldn’t you say?

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 19.25.29

For many couples, especially those who go on their honeymoon straight after their wedding, they tend to opt for the relaxing, white sand option, following the stress-fest that is planning, organizing and attending one’s own wedding. But as the world has become more accessible and information available for all, it seems the occasion of a honeymoon is a chance for a couple to put their imaginative juices to fruition.


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Vintage style wedding-on-a-budget. – 11 cool Etsy ideas from rings to wedding programmes

By Debs Cass on March 7th, 2013

When planning your ‘big day’, anyone in the know or who has done it before, will tell you that choosing a theme which means something to you and your life-partner-to-be is a key first step into creating the most memorable day. The rest is detail – but boy – these dastardly details can rapidly fill up the rest of your planning time (- even if it’s years!) as it’s these little touches which will make up the fabric of your meticulously planned day and will be what makes your wedding day truly yours.

Etsy is a great place to explore for all things wedding related – particularly if you are looking for unique and vintage ideas, or are stuck with a limited budget. With particular emphasis on hand-made and creating an individual look, Etsy can inspire you or help realise your dream theme. Or for those who have done it before – make you wish you could do it all over again with some of the most beautiful hand-crafted and imaginative touches your heart could ever desire!

Art Deco Diamond Daisy Ring £408

Picture 1 of 11

Ok, so maybe the engagement ring comes first.. and if I was proposed to with this ring, there could only be one possible answer! This beautiful art deco ring is c.1920's, with flower shaped design, 18 carat gold, in a platinum setting. The flower is set with a central diamond (approx. 2.5mm or .06pts), surrounded by six diamonds (approx. 1.5mm or .015pts each), with a diamond on each shoulder (approx. 1.8mm or .025pts each). Approximate Size US 7.5 Luxedeluxe

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The Wedding Bill: Who should pay for the modern wedding?

By Cecilia Rydberg on March 1st, 2013
Will Kim be copying Kate's dress too?

We’re not all lucky enough to get the groom’s parents (via the tax payer) to pay for the happy day!

By Cecilia Rydberg

Along with being one of the happiest days of your life, a wedding is an occasion for moral dilemmas, financial woes and two or ten tantrums. When a marriage was a matter of economic opportunity and yes, also often a matter of love, it was standard that the family of the bride pay a dowry to the groom and his family – a payment of sorts for the bride’s future habitation with the man in question.

However, in more contemporary times, the dowry has evolved to a responsibility shift in the form of the parents of the bride paying for the wedding and all the costs that go along with it. 
Yet, why should the parents of the bride dole out the cash? Well surprisingly, this tradition is no longer in the majority in the UK.

Pass the Buck

In the UK it is found that roughly 52% of couples nowadays pay for the expense of their wedding festivities, and this change, head of commercial at John Lewis Insurance says “may have come about because weddings are getting more expensive, meaning people are less willing to burden the bride’s parents with the whole cost.  It might also be that the increasing age of marrying couples has given them greater financial independence.”

Average Cost of a Wedding

According to the popular go-to website, the average cost of a wedding lands on around £11,000. “My husband and I paid for the wedding ourselves and I’d say the average cost is between 5000 to 7000 for a ‘normal’ wedding,” says Wiveka Eklund, a native of Sweden.  “But in Sweden I think the trend is much the same as in England, it is about financial stability and whether you have the means to fund your own wedding or if you fall back on tradition, and let the parents of the bride (or groom) pay for the party.”

Splurge or Spend

For the couple that do not or cannot rely on their parents to dip into saving for financing their wedding some necessary steps need to be taken to come to a conclusion on how best to save, what to prioritise in terms of dress, venue, catering and so on, and when to spend!

Ways to save can be asking yourself the question of what can you do yourself; is it an option to make the invitations by hand, with a little home-made creative flair, is that something you would as a couple be able to take on in order to save a few hundred pounds?  Do you need a traditional 7-tiered white cake?  “My bridesmaids paid for their own dresses, I do not know if this is unorthodox, but it is something they offered to do and my wallet was grateful,” says Chatz Fernando who had a beach wedding in Sri Lanka.

Priorities vary from couple to couple, the venue and dress may be the most important to some and therefore couples might be more willing to cut back on the material expenses in order to snag their dream location. Having a good plan of action for the wedding, might as unromantic as it sounds, help make the transition into the marriage smoother.


Vintage Wedding Style on a budget

How to cut costs on your wedding budget

Fit for a queen? The increasing cost of wedding celebrations throughout the Jubilee years


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Danish brand STORY by Kranz & Ziegler launches bridal jewellery collection

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on February 1st, 2013



Rose Quartz

Danish jewellery brand STORY by Kranz & Ziegler, known for its unique range of men’s and women’s jewellery pieces, has launched a new range for brides. With a strong focus on old craftsmanship and genuine materials, their bridal collection consists of white pearl bracelets, gold heart rings and charms – a STORY trademark – with rose quartz, amethyst and moonstone centres.

Prices start from £22.50 for charms and £27.50 for bracelets. For more information visit

STORY by Kranz & Ziegler

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Flo & Percy bridal accessories

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on January 25th, 2013

Audrey' Dream Tiara - £215

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Bridal accessories label Flo & Percy have a new collection out and it is gorgeous, full of sparkle blended with soft fabrics and intricate beading.Drawing inspiration from the 1920s, 30s and 50s, infused with a few modern touches, any of these items will make you stand out even more on your wedding day.

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Rachel Trevor Morgan Millinery bridal couture

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on January 23rd, 2013

Rachel Trevor Morgan Bridal Couture Millinery

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If you’re after a spectacular accessory for your bridal look, then check out Rachel Trevor Morgan‘s bridal couture millinery collection. Featuring the brand’s trademark feathers as well as a wide range of other stunning materials, these bridal headpieces will certainly stand out. Prices range from £90 -900.

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