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This season’s best outfits and accessories for mother of the bride

By Debs Cass on April 15th, 2013

Think of a ‘Mother of the bride’ (MOTB) and your mind is probably conjuring up images of flushed older ladies decorated in large cabbage-rose print and frothing with frills. Nice. However this Hyacinth Bouquet caricature is simply not that representative of most mothers these days. Weddings are less traditional now (at least if you want them to be) and are breaking free from the norm of the standard ‘chicken dinner’, to what is considered appropriate wedding guest attire. For example white is now not necessarily ‘off’ the menu for guests, and the shiny lilac coat dress with matching shift number is not obligatory for MOTB. Nor is it necessary for everyone to spend the equivalent of a summer holiday attending the event, including the most likely already over-spent MOTB.

Choosing a gorgeous, stand-out outfit – but not too stand-out to look like you’re competing with your daughter, God forbid! – needn’t be a nightmare, nor a one-off outfit never to be seen again. Here’s a selection of high street outfits to suit all budgets with silhouettes to flatter many shapes that we think are stylish, classic and stand-out – for you equally gorgeous mothers.


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A standout coat for sure! This collarless dress-coat has elaborate mesh floral cut out and button detail. Cinched at the waist with a slim waist belt and fully lined. Fabric: 3% Elastane,97% Polyester Coast

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The Wedding Bill: Who should pay for the modern wedding?

By Cecilia Rydberg on March 1st, 2013
Will Kim be copying Kate's dress too?

We’re not all lucky enough to get the groom’s parents (via the tax payer) to pay for the happy day!

By Cecilia Rydberg

Along with being one of the happiest days of your life, a wedding is an occasion for moral dilemmas, financial woes and two or ten tantrums. When a marriage was a matter of economic opportunity and yes, also often a matter of love, it was standard that the family of the bride pay a dowry to the groom and his family – a payment of sorts for the bride’s future habitation with the man in question.

However, in more contemporary times, the dowry has evolved to a responsibility shift in the form of the parents of the bride paying for the wedding and all the costs that go along with it. 
Yet, why should the parents of the bride dole out the cash? Well surprisingly, this tradition is no longer in the majority in the UK.

Pass the Buck

In the UK it is found that roughly 52% of couples nowadays pay for the expense of their wedding festivities, and this change, head of commercial at John Lewis Insurance says “may have come about because weddings are getting more expensive, meaning people are less willing to burden the bride’s parents with the whole cost.  It might also be that the increasing age of marrying couples has given them greater financial independence.”

Average Cost of a Wedding

According to the popular go-to website, the average cost of a wedding lands on around £11,000. “My husband and I paid for the wedding ourselves and I’d say the average cost is between 5000 to 7000 for a ‘normal’ wedding,” says Wiveka Eklund, a native of Sweden.  “But in Sweden I think the trend is much the same as in England, it is about financial stability and whether you have the means to fund your own wedding or if you fall back on tradition, and let the parents of the bride (or groom) pay for the party.”

Splurge or Spend

For the couple that do not or cannot rely on their parents to dip into saving for financing their wedding some necessary steps need to be taken to come to a conclusion on how best to save, what to prioritise in terms of dress, venue, catering and so on, and when to spend!

Ways to save can be asking yourself the question of what can you do yourself; is it an option to make the invitations by hand, with a little home-made creative flair, is that something you would as a couple be able to take on in order to save a few hundred pounds?  Do you need a traditional 7-tiered white cake?  “My bridesmaids paid for their own dresses, I do not know if this is unorthodox, but it is something they offered to do and my wallet was grateful,” says Chatz Fernando who had a beach wedding in Sri Lanka.

Priorities vary from couple to couple, the venue and dress may be the most important to some and therefore couples might be more willing to cut back on the material expenses in order to snag their dream location. Having a good plan of action for the wedding, might as unromantic as it sounds, help make the transition into the marriage smoother.


Vintage Wedding Style on a budget

How to cut costs on your wedding budget

Fit for a queen? The increasing cost of wedding celebrations throughout the Jubilee years


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Mother of the bride outfits from Romantica of Devon

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on February 7th, 2013

On your wedding day you’ll want your mother to shine – not as much as you of course – but nonetheless stand out from the crowd as the proud mother of the bride. It is a role she’s not going to experience that many times. Make sure her outfit is flattering and colourful; for ideas of what she could wear, take a look at the 2013 Bella Rosa collection from Romantica of Devon, a family-owned and -run company. And these outfits come at reasonable prices too.

Bella Rosa Mother of the Bride 2013 Collection

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Five mother of the bride outfits for winter weddings

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on November 26th, 2012

As the bride you’ll of course want all eyes to be on you – and they will be – but that’s no excuse for your mum to not look her most glamorous self. You might choose to have outfits that go with the colour scheme of your bridesmaids dresses, or give her the chance to stand out. After all this is as much of a special day for her as it is for you. She’s marrying off her little girl, which means you’ll have grown up for real (some might even say finally…). If you haven’t decided what your mother is to wear on the day you start a new a new chapter of your life, here are five outfits to inspire.

Make her stand out in garnet red

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Available from Hobbs, £79.20


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And the mother of the bride wore grey

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on July 6th, 2011

Inspired by the wedding I attended this weekend just gone, where the mother of the bride wore grey, I’ve had a look online to find similar coloured outfits that could be worn by the mother of the bride and groom. Hope these bring inspiration!

Catherine's of Partick

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Big hat prediction for royal wedding – here are some we like! [gallery]

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on April 27th, 2011

When it comes to a wedding nothing says British more than hats – big hats! – and fascinators. In all shapes and colours the headpieces that guests opt to wear are bound to add some elegance and style to any wedding.

For the forthcoming wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William milliner Jess Collett predicts that many guests will wear “big hats”, and she is personally creating accessories for a number of people attending the most anticipated wedding of the year. According to Collett the strict dress code in Westminster Abbey does limit the choices for those attending the ceremony on Friday.

Collett said: “I’m making hats for quite a few of the guests. The invitation says ‘hats must be worn in church’, and forbids decorations; flowers or feathers, so most of the pieces I am making are bigger hats. People are nervous about what they can and can’t wear, and other milliners I have spoken to have said they are making mostly larger hats as well.”

Collett, who was originally hired to design a hat for the royal bride’s mother Carole Middleton, added to “Most people have said they want subtle elegance: it’s a royal wedding and the line between elegant and garish is fine. Everyone has said they don’t want to feel like a fool. The hat has to complement the outfit, but people aren’t going matchy-matchy. It’s more about subtle tones of a colour.”

If you’re after a hat for a wedding you’re attending check out our gallery below for inspiration.

Jane Taylor Millinery

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A bespoke piece

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Add a dash of Old Hollywood Glamour to your wedding party with Jane & Marilyn

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on March 22nd, 2011

With all eyes on the bride – especially when it comes to next month’s Royal Wedding – it can be easy to think that no-one will really notice what you’re wearing if you’re the mother-of-the-bride or just a wedding guest. Oh how wrong that would be.

If you’re in a fashion crisis and don’t know what to wear, take a look at new online fashion label Jane & Marilyn. Providing grown-up glamour for real women, and modelled by real women, the first collection features 10 designs in a variety of colours: from essential black to jewel brights and flattering neutrals; that accentuate the waist, glide over the hips and embrace curves.

The brand was born out of a desire for a feminine but grown-up and sophisticated kind of glamour and draws inspiration from the elegant style of the 1950s and the partnership between Hollywood icons Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe.

All dresses are made in the UK from pure wool, silk or cotton, are available in sizes 8 – 16 and retails for between £595.00 and £845.00.

Jane & Marilyn - Peacock

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Choosing a Mother of the Bride Dress

By Ashleyn on September 29th, 2010

gray and osbourn.jpg

Sponsored post from Gray and Osbourn

When you are choosing an outfit for your daughter’s wedding day, it can be a pretty daunting task… Obviously, it is her who will be the star of the show, but this does not mean that you must fade completely into the background!

Most mothers will play a fairly large part on the wedding day as well, so it is important for them to look their best. And, at well-respected companies such as Gray and Osbourn, there are certainly plenty of options when it comes to finding the right dress to wear.

* As a rule of thumb, mothers should avoid wearing the same colours as the bride or bridesmaids. But, with such a great range of Gray and Osbourn mother of the bride dresses, this will not be a problem at all! For example, if your daughter is going to wear an emerald-coloured dress for the wedding, then why not consider a lighter shade of green for your own outfit?

* It is important to feel relaxed on your daughter’s wedding day, so try not to wear anything too tight. Close-fitting dresses may make you feel confident about yourself, but they can become quite uncomfortable after a few hours of wear…

* There are certain colours which should be avoided when you are choosing your dress. White is strictly reserved for the bride herself, black (and even dark brown) will look too sombre and red will normally be a little gaudy for a wedding. But, the good news is that Gray and Osbourn mother of the bride dresses will be available in every other colour you can imagine!

It isn’t every day that your daughter will be getting married, so you will want to make the right choice with your dress. Hopefully, these hints will have been helpful; allowing you to think back to your loved ones big day with plenty of pride, in the years to come!

Mother of the Bride

How to pick a Mother of The Bride outfit

By Andrea Petrou on March 19th, 2010

As well as finding that perfect wedding dress for your big day, there are many other things you’ll need to consider outfit wise. One really important place to begin is with the mother of the bride outfit.

She may be looking forward to your big day, but mums will always have a panic about what they will wear to one of the most important events of yours and their lives.
We’ve therefore put together a list of hints and tips to help you both find her that special outfit.

Get to know her taste.
Your mum may just want to find her outfit herself, but as it’s your wedding it’s advisable to offer to give her a helping hand. Make a week out of it, which will ensure you have some mum and daughter time as well as some fun. The first thing to do when looking for that perfect outfit together is to really understand her tastes. Start the search at home and visit a few websites, such as John Lewis and Debenhams to get an idea of her style and colour preferences. Then hit the shops to get trying on. Remember it’s important to be honest about what suits her and what doesn’t.

Remember the seasons

Pick colours that compliment her but also the season and style in which you are getting married. For spring and summer weddings go for pastels and on-trend florals. For winter weddings go for darker earth tones. When it comes to length there’s no set rule. However we don’t recommend ultra short. Not only will it make your mum stand out, but this style can often be unflattering. Don’t colour clash with the bride party. It should compliment or be an extension of the party. If not, she will stand out in a negative way. Select the length according to the time of the wedding, and type of wedding (casual, semi-formal, or formal)

Consider how much use she’ll get out of the outfit
Select an outfit based on whether it will be for one time use or can be worn at other events. If your mum wants to splash out then ensure the outfit can be worn again to different events (a skirt and jacket style is ideal for this). Select the length according to the time of the wedding, and type of wedding (casual, semi-formal, or formal). Shoes should match the dress, but be comfortable, particularly if the mother-of-the-bride is older.

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Mother of the Bride

Top tips for finding a perfect mother of the bride outfit

By Andrea Petrou on September 1st, 2009

Polaroid_weddingMOB.JPGWe all know how hard it is to find a wedding dress, and although it’s probably the most important day of your life, imagine how your mum is feeling.

After all, she too will need a dress that stands out from the crowd.

We spoke to, which gives mother of the bride’s a list of boutiques from around the country, to get a few tips to help your mum make the most shopping for a special outfit on your big day.

A representative for the company told us: “Research the shops you want to visit and set aside time for a lovely relaxing lunch.”

She also advised not to start shopping for an outfit until the bride had chosen her dress as this would set the tone for the wedding and really help with your choice of outfit.

Mother of the Bride’s should also talk to their daughters and find out what the bridesmaids are wearing so “they don’t clash.”

She also advised mother of the brides to “shop at the right time of year.

“For Spring/Summer weddings, stock is in store from January. For Autumn/Winter weddings, stock is in store from July,” she said.

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Mother of the Bride outfits

By Andrea Petrou on August 21st, 2009

With all the excitement of your wedding day, it’s easy to forget about your mother and what she will be wearing.

Now we’re not saying she doesn’t have her own good fashion sense (well you are related) but we thought we’d give her, and you a helping hand.

If your mother still can’t find anthing then John Lewis also has a wide range of Mother of the Bride dresses. Grab your mum and head down there for some girly shopping.

Click the picture to begin the gallery.

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Suits you! Toffee coloured two piece evening suit for mothers of the bride

By admin on January 16th, 2009

Sarah Danielle suit.jpgmany guests are left with a conundrum for weddings that need outfits that you take you from day to night. Dresses can be hard to get right but a stylish suit should never go wrong. The toffee colour ensures no one else will be wearing a similar shade and along with being stylish enough for a ceremony, the silk dupion fabric makes it elegant for an evening do. Whip off the three quarter length jacket and you’ve got a stunning side-draped v-neck dress.

“>Style 5461 by Sarah Danielle.

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“Abigail” fascinator from Event Headwear

By Hannah Kane on January 13th, 2009

Abigail Facsinator resize.jpgFascinators at weddings can either look amazing in a high fashion Dita Von Teese / Sarah Jessica Parker kind of way OR they can look like Ladies’ Day at Ascot on acid. Not good. My advice would be to go something fairly compact (so as not to mar anyone’s view of the ceremony), think “less is more” with the style (or risk drunk guests asking you “what is that on your head?”) and work the retro look head to toe. I love this “Abigail” fascinator, approx £130 from Event Headwear – handmade dyed silk roses, a smattering of feathers and a coquette-ish veil, all held in place with a comb. Wear with a flirty pink 50s shift and you’re good to go.

Related: Katty Janneh millinery I Gaynor vintage bridal hat at Hats ‘n Stuff I Diamante and feather fascinator from Adina Bridal.

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Guest Fashion: “Greta” dress by Coast

By Hannah Kane on December 17th, 2008

Greta rose.jpg
You can’t beat a bit of old school glamour for a wedding, and this flirty rose-print number has just the right mix of demure and sexy. Go all out 50s style and wear with a coral-pink cardie, black veiled fascinator and dance-all-night kitten heels.

“Greta” rose dress by Coast, £159.59.

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Guest Fashion: Moschino day dress for all seasons

By admin on December 2nd, 2008

moschino.jpgFlorals have come back in a big way lately, and just because the trees are looking bare doesn’t mean you have to avoid great flowered prints in Autumn/Winter fashion. This Moschino dress is an ideal wedding guest look for all year round, especially for a guest who’s attending both the ceremony and the evening event.

The demure cut makes this suitable for all ages, too, while the colour palette keeps it fresh and youthful to avoid dowdiness. It’s available online from Net-a-Porter now for £220, as part of Moschino’s diffusion Cheap and Chic line.

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