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Don’t forget! The last minute plans you need to make for your wedding

By Debs Cass on June 10th, 2013

The invitations have been heatedly debated over, sent and rsvp’d. The perfect dress agonised over (not to mention a small fortune spent on); The menu tasted and all those finicky details researched to the nth degree. Now there’s just time for those last minute jobs that didn’t make it higher up on your wedding plan.

So with just a few weeks to go ‘til you say those immortal words: ‘I’m sure I ordered the gold ones..’, here’s our last minute wedding tips we think could come in handy…

Thank you Cards Wedding Banner £13

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Rather than than waiting ‘til after the big day, it’s best to get on top of this job as each gift arrives, so that you are not running what seems like a production line post the glorious big day. This could even be one of these details that could be delegated to the groom, keeping track of what each gift is and how you will both appreciate it. You could however also use your wedding photo's with the help of this Thank You Wedding Banner for your cards: Made on 4x4 inch white chipboard. Antiqued edges with balck acrylic paint and hand stamped letters in black. Strung on a natural piece of twine with rafia ties to each end. Any Occassion Banners

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Reconciling with estranged family members ahead of your wedding

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on June 6th, 2011

Relationships are never easy. It is a constant process of give and take, keeping the balance right. One wrong turn at it can all go a bit sour. Now I’m not only talking about relationships between two partners, but also family relationships.

It is seemingly easy to fall out and then be too stubborn to not speak to each other for a while. And as time passes it becomes more and more difficult to pick up the phone and talk things through.

Former Oasis star Noel Gallagher famously had a huge bust-up with his brother Liam in 2009 and haven’t spoken since. However, now that Noel is getting married he’s extending an olive branch to his sibling.

Despite calling Liam a “tit” – hey it’s rock ‘n’ roll – Noel spoke about his brother during his London pub crawl stag do (that sounds like fun!) and admitted that he would want him there.

Weddings are a time of celebration, where friends and family come together to celebrate the happy couple, so even if ill words have been spoken it could be a good time to reconnect a relationship that has dwindled.

That said, you do not want to invite that person if you think he or she will cause a scene and ruin what is meant to be the happiest day of your life. If you believe they can’t bury the hatchet for one day, then it is best to not issue an invite and instead send them a card to express your sentiments and tell them you hope you can meet some other time. This way you haven’t ignored them completely, you’ve reached out in an attempt to reconcile and you can continue with your wedding planning – and most importantly, if you’re remotely interested in patching things up you haven’t made it worse. But the best thing would of course be to invite them to you wedding.

Have you had this dilemma? What did you end up doing?

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Kate’s pre-wedding family feast with Heston

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on May 11th, 2011

Photo: ABACA/ABACA/Press Association Images

Supermodel Kate Moss is said to be organising a pre-wedding meal for her and her fiancé Jamie Hince’s families. And it is no other than Heston Blumenthal who will be dishing up the feast. Well, we don’t know if Heston will be doing the cooking personally, but Kate has chosen his latest London restaurant Dinner by Heston as the venue for the family gathering.

The couple are set to tie the knot on 2 July 2011 in Oxfordshire and want their families to get to know each other better before the wedding in hope that nothing goes wrong on the day. We could think of worse places to break the ice than Heston’s latest eatery.

Interestingly, the guest list for the meal includes Kate’s ex-boyfriend (and father of her daughter) Jefferson Hack, as well as her parents (who divorced when Kate was still at school) as well as the groom’s parents and sister. Expect nothing ordinary from Kate eh!

Did you let your families meet on the wedding day or did you choose Kate’s route and introduce them prior to the big day?

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UK couples opt for hard cash over traditional wedding gift list

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on April 12th, 2011

When it comes to wedding gifts new research from online bank first direct has found that 35% of forthcoming newlyweds will ask for money or vouchers as a gift for their wedding. The survey also found that a minuscule 3% would follow in Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s footsteps and ask for donations to charity to celebrate their nuptials.

We’re guessing that the latter number is not because Brits are non-charitable, more because we non-royals are not all blessed with the same luxury as the royal couple.

Also, because many get married at a later stage in life these days it is likely that they have already accumulated enough kitchen gadgets and gravy boats to last them a long time. So money or vouchers is simply the easiest option for those that don’t know what to ask for.

Surprisingly, 19% of those asked for nothing at all. Are you one of these?

On the other side of gift giving, the same survey found that 39% of people said they felt money was an impersonal gift while one third would prefer the couple to not know how much they spent on their gift. It’s the thought that counts after all right…

What do you think Bridalwave readers: is asking for money for your wedding gift a yay or a nay?

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Wedding Planning 101: The Budget

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on February 1st, 2011

The engagement photos have now been taken, you’ve got your wedding planner book close at hand – with the date etched in as the now looming deadline – and you’re ready to focus on the task ahead: actually planning your wedding. How exciting!

If you have a particular venue in mind it’s best to get this sorted as soon as possible, as some popular venues get booked up months, if not years in advance. If you haven’t decided where you and your love will say the “I do’s” don’t worry, we’ll focus on venues next week. But before you start planning centre pieces, Krug Champagne or doves to be let out as you depart the church, there is one thing that needs to be sorted: the budget.

You and your husband-to-be have to sit down and figure out exactly how much you both have to spend on your special day. No doubt, you’ll by now invested in a few bridal magazines and scoured the bridal websites and blogs for inspiration – ours included we hope! Perhaps your man will let you take care of all the little details and is happy as long as his suit isn’t pink, but remember that there are two people sharing what will be an amazing day, so make sure both are involved from day one (this way it will also be easier to share responsibilities at a later stage). And if you’re like me, you’re easily distracted by pretty things that eventually could end up costing you a fortune. So a budget – even if horribly tedious – is essential.

We suggest making a night of it. Buy in a few bottles of wine, have some nice food to nibble on and arm yourself with pen, paper and a calculator. Only when you know what you can spend, the quotes you collect will start making sense.

Your trusted friend, the wedding planner, will most likely have a budget template so that you can easily list all items you can think of that need to be taken into account. Otherwise, there are many free templates available online, which a quick Google search and printout will take care of.

What is your overall budget?

OK, now you can start looking at how this should be divided across the budget categories. We find it works to compartmentalise. First think of the bigger picture: bride, groom, outfits for your wedding party, venue and ceremony, food and drink, on the day expenses (e.g. photography and music), and honeymoon. These are now your budget categories. Now you can tackle each category at a time. Most likely you as the bride will have a bigger piece of the cake so to speak compared to your groom, as you’ll need a dress, new shoes, professional makeup and hair, perfume, jewellery, and a head piece (if this is your thing) just to name a few.

Think about your guest list

The size of your wedding party is a huge factor that will determine the costs. Are you thinking only close friends and family or a 200 plus party? Who will attend just the ceremony, just the reception or both? More invites equals more invitations, more gifts, more food and more drink. Aunts and uncles ok, but does Daisy from university really need an invitation if you haven’t seen or spoken to her for months even if you were inseparable at the time? The best way to tackle this would be to decide on an overall size: small, medium or large and stick to it. List the immediate family and friends that are a given, then allocate a number of friends each that you can invite (keep in mind that each might come with a plus one ) and stick to it. If not, your wedding will be super-sized before you know it.

Money, what money?

It is also wise to set up a separate bank account to use for all wedding related expenses and to pay any monetary wedding donations into. Also set up a standing order from both of your bank accounts that will add to the funds on a monthly basis.

Divide and conquer

Whatever your budget is, start writing down what you’re estimating to spend on each element. If you’re afraid of scribbling all over your beautiful wedding planner, use Post It notes and a big board or your wall, and make a big wedding chart. Not only will it add some fun into budgeting it could also make a nice feature for your wall.

It could take a lot of toing and froing to get to the right sum that fits with your budget – and most likely you’ll end up going over it either way *hush hush*. But also think about what means the most to you. Want to get married by a castle but it costs double as much as your local church? Consider what you can save on. If you’re not too bothered about your wedding dress being made especially for you as you’ll only wear it once, consider heading to a charity shop near you – you might find a perfect second-hand dress for a fragment of the price of a new one. Flowers look amazing, but as most will be cut off flowers they will dwindle a few days after the ceremony. Think about other things that can adorn your reception area and tables: candles, bowls of water with a sprinkle of flower petals or even items that hold a sentimental value. Did you and your groom spend time travelling at some stage in your relationship? Why not place items you gathered when travelling or photos as the centrepiece? The possibilities are endless!

Believe us; putting the budget together doesn’t have to be as dreary as it sounds – make it fun by being creative.

How are you getting on planning your wedding? We’d love to hear from you!

Step 3: Venue

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Best Man speech generator for writer’s block

By Steph Powell on July 17th, 2009

BestmanSpeechGenerater.jpgFrom what I hear from past Best Men, the toast is the most nerve wracking and stressful thing ever. How long should it be? Should you include that crude but hilarious anecdote? If you do, will the bride kill you? Should it be funny? Or should it be sentimental? So. Many. Questions.

If you’re having a hard time with yours, you might like this amazingly useful website, where you can generate a pre-written toast with just a few clicks. I had a go myself in the name of research and I think Gertrude and Bob will be very happy with what I ended up with. It may be lazy, but hey it works!

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When should you change your facebook status to ‘married’?

By AbiSilvester on July 9th, 2009

facebook_heart_c.jpgIt may seem like a trivial concern, but for many couples, from the first awkward steps of a relationship to engagement, marriage and beyond, questions arise on how and when to change the all important Facebook status – a decision that didn’t exist a cople of years ago – frequently leading to heated arguments and in one case almost to divorce and/or death.

Lauren Booth, sister of Cherie Blair, found this out the hard way when she changed her Facebook status from ‘married’ to ‘single’ in a fit of pique; only to have a blazing row with her husband who then stormed off and crashed his motorbike, presumably while still suffering the effects of ‘red mist’. He’s since come out of a coma and the couple have reunited, but it certainly brings home the significance of that one little mouse-click.

Have you chosen to share your relationship details with Facebook, or do you find it simpler just to assume that your friends know you’re with that guy who keeps turning up on your arm? Let us know in comments, and read on for some tips…

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Have own kettle? See our clutter-free gift list ideas

By AbiSilvester on July 7th, 2009

gift-list.jpgIt’s pretty unusual these days to get married before you’ve reached the adult milestones of purchasing your first kettle or toaster, so in many ways the traditional ‘gift list’ is becoming obsolete. Nowadays, couples are far more likely to be seeking to reduce clutter than accumulate more knick-knacks, and at a time when money’s tight for a lot of people it can seem a bit unfair to ask your guests to buy objects they may not really be able to afford for the sake of tradition.

That said, family members in particular may want to buy you a gift come hell, high water or recession, so what can you do if you want genuinely useful presents that won’t end up clogging up the loft? There are some great suggestions here on gifts that help the planet, setting up honeymoon funds and even how to persuade your well-meaning guests that you really don’t want presents…

Read the rest of this entry »

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“Mazel Tov!” groom’s glass in satin bag for Jewish wedding

By Hannah Kane on February 13th, 2009

Groom's glass jewish wedding.jpgThe highlight of a Jewish wedding is the breaking of a glass by the groom, with the guests wishing the couple luck by shouting “Mozel Tov!” Rather than placing the glass in a cloth you can purchase this satin pouch with a glass wrapped inside a bubble bag then sewn into the pouch. After the glass is smashed the shards will remain safely inside to be kept as a memento. Priced $30 from Exclusively Weddings , and for an extra $8 you can have the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding embroidered on the bag.

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“Mengagement” ring by H. Samuel

By Hannah Kane on February 12th, 2009

HS Men's engagement ring.jpgUntil 1884, in England, a woman was officially listed as one of her husband’s possessions. How times have changed! H. Samuel have just become the first chain in the country to sell engagement rings exclusively for men. The ring available from the H. Samuel website, is called the “Tioro” – a chunky titanium band set with a subtle diamond. Although popular in parts of Scandinavia and Basque regions of Spain they have (until now) been are a rare sight in Britain.

The retailer believes the demand for a male engagement ring is partly down to equality with more women than ever proposing to their fellas, as well as being a clear symbol that the man is “off the market”! As H. Samuel’s buying controller Natasha Gregory explains, “the men’s engagement ring is a clear message to everyone that the man is going to be married and also works perfectly for civil partnerships”. Interestingly she goes on to say “over 60% of our customers think it’s a good idea for women to ask men to marry them.” Really?! Maybe I’m just a bit old fashioned but I’m not sure I’d want to be the one asking. What’s your verdict? Tell us in the poll below!

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Tuesday blues: crystal garter charm

By Hannah Kane on December 23rd, 2008

crystalblue.jpgI’m a sucker for tradition – and this lovely garter charm, £6 from Princess Polly Tiaras, is the ideal way to represent your “something blue”. It’s made with a blue Swarovski crystal heart surrounded by sparkling aurora borealis crystals.

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Formal wedding gloves from Charms Bridalwear

By admin on August 29th, 2008

cbwg0303_large(1).jpgYou may blame my vintage fashion obsession, but I absolutely adore formal gloves. Unfortunately there’s not many occasions to wear them, but if there ever was one it’s certainly on your wedding day. These formal satin long gloves from Charms Bridalwear are every bit the Hollywood starlet, and would set off any strapless or sleeveless gown to perfection.

Perfect for the coming cold months, they’re a great accessory that’s both practical and pretty. If, like I was, you’re wondering about the etiquette during the ceremony, then check out Wedding Chaos’ fantastic guide. It includes quite a few tips for flirting with them too (honest!). This pair costs just £17.99 from Charms online.

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Bridalwave Poll: Can you un-invite guests?

By admin on July 28th, 2008

An acquaintance posed this very question recently and her responses where many and varied. Some considered it the couple’s absolute right to withdraw an invitation if offence had been caused or frankly whatever reason they liked. Others thought an invitation is set in stone once it has been sent and that it’s simply bad manners to withdraw it. What do you think?

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Bridalwave Poll: Should you exclude all children from wedding ceremonies?

By admin on July 21st, 2008

Did you hear about the charming vicar who banished the wedding couple’s own toddler from the ceremony as apparently he was being too fussy? (The toddler that is, though one could argue it was the vicar who was the fussy one). There’s no punchline and the poor couple were understandandly upset. Though many couples won’t be planning on having children at their ceremony, there will be many more who already have their own children. But is a wedding ceremony any place for a child? Take your vote!

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Bridalwave Poll: Will you invite your boss?

By admin on July 14th, 2008

Who to invite is always tricky. Having a smaller wedding can make you ruthless with a guest list whilst a large venue may inspire you to invite all and sundry, especially if you’re feeling pressure from relatives and colleagues. The latter can pose problems all of its own. Should you, would you and could you invite or leave out your boss? Will they consider it a snub after hiring you and nurturing your career – even if they haven’t really – or will they understand?

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