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10 Ideas For A Garden Wedding Party

By Debs Cass on July 18th, 2013

This is the wedding season to take advantage of the great British outdoors and host a beautiful garden wedding party. OK granted, this may also involve some tarpaulin (or back-up plan), nonetheless, it’s the simplest ideas that can be the most heavenly and romantic.

Transform an everyday garden into a magical setting, choosing from themes such as sublime Victorian floral to a quintessentially English Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. A garden wedding party conjures up images of twinkling crystal chandeliers hanging from branches of orange blossom and vintage glass jars full of wild flowers on tables draped in lace. All this can be created on a budget, and with an imagination that can run wild!

The other massive advantage is the cost to produce a magical outdoor venue can be a snip compared to hiring most venues. Here’s some garden wedding party decoration ideas to get started with.

Driftwood Wedding Arch £1,300 by Free Range Designs

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Perfect for garden (or a beach ) wedding to set the scene. This bridal arch is made from durable materials so also can be kept in your garden afterwards. Free Range Designs

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Ideas for Wedding Stationery – invitations, place cards and more

By Debs Cass on June 21st, 2013

Planning your perfect wedding day can be a lot of fun, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different options out there and not know where to start. Preparation often starts with the wedding invites – the first taste your guests will get of your big day.

Choosing a theme is an important first step, whether it’s colour, vintage, season or something special to you and your other half. Consider how the theme can be carried throughout your wedding day across all your wedding stationery, table decoration, flowers, bridal gown etc. In fact once you get started it can be difficult to stop, what with so many beautiful little details out there, to make your day one to remember.

Here’s our top ten wedding stationery ideas featuring different themes to get you started.

30’s Old Hollywood Glamour Wedding Stationery Range £1.50

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Get in on the glamourous Gatsby fever with 30’s old Hollywood style. Retro fonts with pale pink and contrasting black, this romantic style wedding stationery has a vintage feel with a sense of occasion. Printed on thick natural off white 320gsm card, 100% recycled and has a textured feel. not on the high street


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Don’t forget! The last minute plans you need to make for your wedding

By Debs Cass on June 10th, 2013

The invitations have been heatedly debated over, sent and rsvp’d. The perfect dress agonised over (not to mention a small fortune spent on); The menu tasted and all those finicky details researched to the nth degree. Now there’s just time for those last minute jobs that didn’t make it higher up on your wedding plan.

So with just a few weeks to go ‘til you say those immortal words: ‘I’m sure I ordered the gold ones..’, here’s our last minute wedding tips we think could come in handy…

Thank you Cards Wedding Banner £13

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Rather than than waiting ‘til after the big day, it’s best to get on top of this job as each gift arrives, so that you are not running what seems like a production line post the glorious big day. This could even be one of these details that could be delegated to the groom, keeping track of what each gift is and how you will both appreciate it. You could however also use your wedding photo's with the help of this Thank You Wedding Banner for your cards: Made on 4x4 inch white chipboard. Antiqued edges with balck acrylic paint and hand stamped letters in black. Strung on a natural piece of twine with rafia ties to each end. Any Occassion Banners

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The Wedding Bill: Who should pay for the modern wedding?

By Cecilia Rydberg on March 1st, 2013
Will Kim be copying Kate's dress too?

We’re not all lucky enough to get the groom’s parents (via the tax payer) to pay for the happy day!

By Cecilia Rydberg

Along with being one of the happiest days of your life, a wedding is an occasion for moral dilemmas, financial woes and two or ten tantrums. When a marriage was a matter of economic opportunity and yes, also often a matter of love, it was standard that the family of the bride pay a dowry to the groom and his family – a payment of sorts for the bride’s future habitation with the man in question.

However, in more contemporary times, the dowry has evolved to a responsibility shift in the form of the parents of the bride paying for the wedding and all the costs that go along with it. 
Yet, why should the parents of the bride dole out the cash? Well surprisingly, this tradition is no longer in the majority in the UK.

Pass the Buck

In the UK it is found that roughly 52% of couples nowadays pay for the expense of their wedding festivities, and this change, head of commercial at John Lewis Insurance says “may have come about because weddings are getting more expensive, meaning people are less willing to burden the bride’s parents with the whole cost.  It might also be that the increasing age of marrying couples has given them greater financial independence.”

Average Cost of a Wedding

According to the popular go-to website, the average cost of a wedding lands on around £11,000. “My husband and I paid for the wedding ourselves and I’d say the average cost is between 5000 to 7000 for a ‘normal’ wedding,” says Wiveka Eklund, a native of Sweden.  “But in Sweden I think the trend is much the same as in England, it is about financial stability and whether you have the means to fund your own wedding or if you fall back on tradition, and let the parents of the bride (or groom) pay for the party.”

Splurge or Spend

For the couple that do not or cannot rely on their parents to dip into saving for financing their wedding some necessary steps need to be taken to come to a conclusion on how best to save, what to prioritise in terms of dress, venue, catering and so on, and when to spend!

Ways to save can be asking yourself the question of what can you do yourself; is it an option to make the invitations by hand, with a little home-made creative flair, is that something you would as a couple be able to take on in order to save a few hundred pounds?  Do you need a traditional 7-tiered white cake?  “My bridesmaids paid for their own dresses, I do not know if this is unorthodox, but it is something they offered to do and my wallet was grateful,” says Chatz Fernando who had a beach wedding in Sri Lanka.

Priorities vary from couple to couple, the venue and dress may be the most important to some and therefore couples might be more willing to cut back on the material expenses in order to snag their dream location. Having a good plan of action for the wedding, might as unromantic as it sounds, help make the transition into the marriage smoother.


Vintage Wedding Style on a budget

How to cut costs on your wedding budget

Fit for a queen? The increasing cost of wedding celebrations throughout the Jubilee years


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Etsy find: Three unique wedding ring pillows for your ceremony

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on January 29th, 2013

Anyone who has ever planned a wedding will understand when we say it’s all in the details. Some of you may take a more relaxed approach to your wedding ceremony and the planning of it, but there are some elements that shouldn’t be forgotten about.

When it comes to your wedding rings, you don’t really want your ring bearer to keep them in his pocket, having to search for them when they’re needed. Make sure you include ‘wedding ring pillow’ on your mile long list of things to organise before the wedding.

We’ve had a little look on Etsy (as we normally do!) to see what unique handmade goodies are around. You can of course buy them from the sellers or attempt to make them yourself. If you choose the latter, just make sure you leave enough time!

For the rustic wedding

A green square ring pillow made of 100% natural materials. This is soft moss decorated with natural raffia ribbon which is personalised by a wooden heart with your initials.



{Buy it from VV Design Shop $27 / £17.64}


A small ring ‘pillow’ made from a 100% natural materials. The nest is decorated with natural moss, handmade paper roses and accented with natural ribbons. Perfect for a woodland or barn wedding.



{Buy it from VV Design Shop $21.90 / £14.31}


This cute pillow is perfect for a beach or nautical themed wedding. Dubbed ‘You are my lifesaver’ by the seller’, it is handmade with imported canvas and 100% wool felt


{Buy it from E and A Heritage $46 / £30.05}


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Wedding reception idea: The London Eye Barracuda vintage cruiser on the Thames

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on August 21st, 2012

The Olympics may have come and gone (we almost had to wipe a tear off when the flame went out), and while Team GB truly showed their golden skills,  the Opening Ceremony still remains as a magnificent moment. More specifically it was the moment when David Beckham – looking exceptionally handsome – brought the Olympic flame up the River Thames in speedboat that got our hearts beating faster…

London has for years been a popular location for wedding ceremonies and receptions, but how about taking a leaf out of Beckham’s book and head to the river for your celebrations.

One of the more famous landmarks in the capital, the London Eye and its vintage cruiser, the London Eye Barracuda, offers three wedding packages for couples wanting a unique venue to celebrate their union with their friends and family.

Each wedding package includes, among other things, a red carpet arrival, floral arrangements, an overnight stay at the Marriott Hotel County Hall for the happy couple, and a cruise down the River Thames during your wedding breakfast.

Prices range from £155 to £ 200 per person October to March, and from £170 to £215 per person April to September.

For more information visit the London Eye Barracuda website.

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Add some photobooth fun to your wedding day!

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on July 19th, 2012

A big trend in the UK wedding scene is to hire photobooths to get candid and fun snaps of your wedding guests. I attended a wedding last year where the bride and groom had hired in a photobooth for the occasion. Guests were asked to take photos and glue one of the two copies into a photo album and write a personal note – what great memories!

If you’re thinking about adding some photofun to your wedding day, why not head on over to the world’s first photobooth festival in London’s East End this Saturday? With an unlimited use of eight one off themed and bespoke photobooths, as well as free makeovers from Columbia Road’s famous Powder Puff Girls on hand to beautify you and your friends and sounds from Rough Trade DJs, this will be a fun day out. And will also be able to give you some inspiration for your wedding plans.

The World’s First Photobooth Festival is on July 21 at 7 Ezra St, E2 7RH. Tickets are £10 per person or £25 for a family ticket. For more information visit

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How to have a Twilight style wedding

By Andrea Petrou on May 1st, 2012

If you’re a fan of Twilight and watched the wedding scene thinking how stunning it was, then why not be daring and pick this theme for your special day.

Now we’re not talking about getting your guests to don the pale masks, we’re thinking more of the serene woodland theme, with a few Twilight touches to give a nod to the book.

The wedding scene in the film was itself is beautiful, with a foliage-heavy wedding arch complete with white wisteria in a wooded paradise. Thankfully there are a number of places that could be used for the ceremony across England.

Check out the National Heritage site to get a better idea of suitable gardens and woodland in your area. Add the arch as well as large potted plants at each pew to really get the look.

We know the most important part of any brides day, aside from the groom, is of course the dress.

And if you’re having a Twilight theme wedding then this will be even more important. As you’ll already know, Bella’s crepe satin dress with a French Chantilly lace-embellished back, was made by esteemed designer Carolina Herrera.

Although this is available in the designer’s spring collection, it is rumoured to set you back more than a couple of thousand.

Thankfully Alfred Angelo has come to the rescue buying the rights for the design and turning it into something much more affordable.

Twilight Bridal by Alfred Angelo, is available in a number of sizes, from 6-34W, and has over 100 covered buttons down the back and is made of lace and satin and retails at £549.

Other Twilight-inspired touches can include the blue and white crystal heirloom-style hairpiece Bella wears in her hair- a replica can be bought at Amazon, as well as a long cathedral style veil.

When it comes to shoes, you may however want to find a cheaper alternative to Bella’s Manolo Blahnik’s which were custom made and embellished with a sparkly crystal vine applique.

The pleasure of owning such a pair will set you back around $1295.

Check back tomorrow for a gallery of all the Twilight must haves.

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Wedding idea: Map out your wedding with these table plans

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on April 2nd, 2012

Whether you met for the first time on the London Underground, meandered the streets of Paris as lovers, got engaged in Rome, or have just returned from an around the world trip before tying the knot, these wedding table plans by are simply a fantastic idea for any travel inspired wedding.

Share your love for travelling with unique details like these and let your wedding guests take part in your lives.

Choose memorable places in your chosen city, or show your globetrotter selves on the world map and start pinning your seating plan.

At £7.50, these map prints are also a very reasonable way to organise your tables at the reception.

Available from The Wedding of My Dreams.

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Luxurious wedding loungewear by Felice Art Couture

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on March 13th, 2012

When you’re planning your wedding day it can be easy to get lost ‘The Dress’ and forget that you’ll be spending quite a while in hair and make-up. But what do you wear while getting ready? Definitely not a velour tracksuit Gypsy wedding style!

For feminine and luxurious loungewear, check out Felice Art Couture which launches today.

Offering evening wear, loungewear and that all important lingerie, the collection of fine couture is  sumptuous and perfect for any bridal belle. All items are ‘made with love’ and by handmade from the finest pure silks and luxurious French lace.

Prices start from £70 and are available from

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Wedding idea: Cheese wedding cake

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on December 21st, 2011

If you haven’t got much of a sweet-tooth or just want to have something different for your wedding, then why not commission a wedding cake made out of your favourite cheeses? We all love a bit of cheese – and we’re not talking about music – which goes perfectly with wine.

There are several companies like The Cheese Shed who provide cheese for your cake fancy and The Wedding Cheese Cake Co. who have dedicated their days to create beautiful cheesetastic cakes made of the best Gouda, Brie or perhaps even a Stilton…

Cheese cake definitely has got a new meaning!

The Cheese Shed - Smeaton's Tower (from £147)

Picture 1 of 4

Smeaton's Tower is named after the famous red-and-white lighthouse on Plymouth Hoe. The lower tier is made up with Cornish Brie, then Harbourne Blue - a 'white' blue cheese, a Godminster Cheddar followed by Somerset Camembert and a Red Devil (a 'red Leicester' flavoured with chili and pepper), before being topped with a Gevrik goats' cheese from Cornwall.

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Wedding idea: Sweet trees as table centerpiece decorations

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on December 19th, 2011

Retro sweets has grown in popularity in recent years and this is something which we think we’ll see a lot more on the UK wedding scene in 2012; already popular in America sweet trees make great table centrepieces or wedding favours. Simply choose which sweeties are your favourites- chocolates, love hearts, flying saucers – and see people’s faces light up when they realise they can eat your wedding table decorations!

Flying Saucer, Sweet Tree by Rivera - £46.00

Strawberry jellies - Sweet Tree by Rivera - £35.00

Enchanted Mashmallow - Sweet Tree by Sweet Creations - Price upon request

Marshmallow - Sweet Tree by Rivera - £35.00

Images: Sweet Tree by Rivera / Sweet Creations

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Mood board: Winter wedding wonderland

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on December 8th, 2011

I recently wrote about the top trends for winter brides, so I thought it would be fun to put together a winter wedding wonderland mood board for inspiration to anyone who is tying the knot this magical season.

To be a real Snow Queen bride, think frosty shades of icy blue and perhaps a dash of red for a warmer touch, lots of lace, pearls and delicate jewels, and even some feathers and faux fur.

What are your winter wedding essentials?

1: Maggie Sottero, Swarovski embellished ball gown wedding dress, Nikkita

2: Lapin & Me Rabbit Snow globe, £10

3: Jenny Packham, wedding dress

4: Gisela Graham twig heart wreath (£7.95) and frosted acorn (3.95) at Selfridges

5: Victorian hanging glass tea light holder by Belle & Thistle via, £4.50

6: Jane Taylor Millinery Beaded tear with birdcage veil, £350

7: Beaded cake necklace by Cat’s Whiskers Cake Design via, £45

8: Snowflake wedding invite by Trendy Treasure via, USD$2.50

9: Christian Louboutin Fifi glitter heels, USD$625


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Wedding idea: Crystal manicure and pedicure for a blingtastic bride

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on December 1st, 2011

Perfectly groomed hands and feet is a must for any bride on her wedding day. While most will go for a modest, neutral look, but if you’re feeling a bit braver perhaps crystal nail decorations could be what you’re looking for.

Luxury mobile spa company Angel Falls beauty has just launched a couple of blingtastic Swarovski manicure and pedicure treatments that will make sure you dazzle on your wedding day – just don’t team them with too much fake tan or you could end up looking like an extra on TOWIE.

This is definitely not for the demure as you’ll end up with seriously sparkly nails.

Available from Angel Falls for £70.00 – which is an introductory offer so make sure you book soon!

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Wedding favour idea: mini ‘Love’ jute bag that’s cute and eco friendly

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on November 17th, 2011

As tradition has it, the bride and groom will gift their guests a little keepsake on their wedding day to say ‘thanks’. Why not send your guests off with this sweet mini jute bag with ‘Love’ scribbled across it? After all they were there to celebrate you and your partner’s love for each other. Not only will they be reminded of your happy day when they use it, they’ll do their bit to be more sustainable as well! 

Available from Snowdon Design & Craft via for £9.95.

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