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Wedding stationery 2013: A return to personalised elegance

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on January 10th, 2013

Your wedding stationery is an important element of your wedding: it sets the tone and theme of your wedding and is a glimpse of what is to come for your guests. 2012 was a year where retro, vintage and shabby chic were among the most popular designs. But for 2013 we’ll see more elegant, personalised invitations and thank you cards.

According to wedding stationery expert, Gemma Milly, couples are looking for something memorable for their invitations, orders of service and place names, so bespoke stationery that reflect the personality of the couple is back in vogue.

Design Trends for 2013 Wedding Stationery:

Lace: always a popular choice for weddings – it’s timeless and beautiful, and the Royal wedding had a bit impact on its popularity.  It is so intricate and detailed that it lends itself to wedding stationery, and with the latest printing techniques, it can be given a modern twist. Think laser cut designs based on the lace in a bride’s dress, or letterpress lace patterns.

Painterly prints: this is where painting and printing techniques are combined; think rich ombré and hand painting, giving water-colour a romantic yet modern twist. We’ve seen this on the Spring/Summer 2013 catwalks, from designers such as Marc Jacobs and Hollt Fulton. Geometric pattern will be big, but inky watercolour patterns will be popular too.

Foiling was a big hit in 2012 and the 2013 catwalks have seen lots of sheen and metallic hues.  In stationery this translates into foil and varnish, to lend that extra sparkle to a design. There’s nothing quite as gorgeous as gold foil-edged invitations, printed onto thick paper and stacked up so you can see the edges shine!

Have you decided on the design for your wedding stationery?

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Majority of British women think ideal age to get married is before they reach 30

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on November 13th, 2012

To most thirty-something city dwelling women thirty is definitely the new twenty, as they’re in no apparent rush to settle down, have the 2.1 kids and become the UK equivalent of a ‘soccer mom’. After all there are just far too many overpriced dining experiences, skiing holidays and pretty shoes to spend their hard-earned money on… That said, we suspect many of them would quite like a huge sparkling diamond from their chosen mate – not necessarily because they desperately want to get married, but because it would look so darn good!

With modern technologies and medical advancements allowing us to push off ‘age’ and ‘life decisions’ it is interesting to learn that many British women think it’s ideal to get married before you hit the big three-0. Is there still stigma attached to reaching the young age of 30 and still be unmarried?

A new poll by YouGov has discovered that over half (53%) of British women think the ideal time to get married is between the ages of 25 and 29. Around one fifth of those asked thought 30 to 34 was ideal. The men and would be grooms on the other hand were more divided: 44% said 25-29 is the best time, while 24% believe 30-34 is the ideal age. Only 10% and 11% of men and women respectively thought  20-24  to be the best age for marriage.

Most are putting of getting married until their early thirties so that they can have saved up enough to foot the bill themselves, which was reflected in the same poll. 55% of those asked think the bride and groom should pay for their own wedding, while around one third believe both sets of parents should pay. Only a meagre 5% were of the opinion that the parents of the bride should bear the main cost of a wedding – which as we know used to be the norm.

What do you consider the ‘ideal age’ to get married is?

*Poll conducted by YouGov; 1,816 GB adults aged 18+ participated.

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‘Morning after the wedding’ photos. Will British newlyweds embrace the trend?

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on September 4th, 2012

We’ve all fallen in love with photo filter apps like Instragram, but will a new wedding photography trend which is shot with a 50 Shades of Grey filter be the next thing here in the UK?

Reports from the US tells us that more and more newlyweds are hiring professionals (photographers that is) to capture what happens after the cake-cutting, first kiss and bouquet toss is over: the morning after. And these are not photos the couple in their onesies sipping tea. These are sensual photos, snapped wherever the couple spent their first night together as a married couple. Yes, the photographer is invited into the most intimate of settings, to snap the married couple in various stages of intimacy and undress, the unmade bed, the couple on the unmade bed… You get the idea.

Already ahead of the trend were British supermodel Kate Moss and her rocker beau Jamie Hince, who invited photographer Terry Richardson into their honeymoon suite at the Ritz last year the day after their wedding.

We’re wondering if this nu-boudoir photography trend will hit the British Isles like a storm in the coming months. Not like you would put these photos on Facebook for everyone to see, or would you…

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Leap year proposals: An out of date tradition?

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on February 29th, 2012

Today is Leap Year Day, a day than comes around once every fourth year to ensure the calendar is rejigged to fit in with the seasons and the earth’s rotation around the sun. It is also a day where tradition has it women can propose to their heart’s chosen one.

A recent survey has revealed that 10% of British women plan to pop the question today, so there are definitely some of you out there who are following tradition and taking this day to ensure you get that rock on your finger.

Now proposals and tradition are wonderful things, but is this one that is just a bit out of date?

The tradition dates back to before the 19th century, when most women had a very different role in society. But in modern days, after equal rights protests and burning of bras, surely a girl should be able to ask ‘will you marry me?’ to her guy if she wants to, Leap Day or no Leap Day, without it feeling unnatural? You would think so, yet still women’s proposals are quite rare and perhaps seen out of place.

Come to think of it, the whole dating game is all a bit old school, with most girls thinking they ought to let the man make the first move as not to seem too eager…

In reality, life would be so much simpler if both women and men threw out the rule book and just followed their hearts. Yes you might find out that he doesn’t want to marry you, but you might also just discover that he’s delighted to have had the pressure taken off him.

Did you ask your man to marry you? Share your story in the comments below.


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A plastic fantastic wedding? Increasing number of brides turn to cosmetic surgery survey finds

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on February 3rd, 2012

Yep you heard us; an increasing number of brides-to-be are opting for ‘bridalplasty’ to enhance their looks on their wedding day.

The new wedding report by Confetti has found that 10% of brides admit to having some form of cosmetic surgery before walking down the aisle. And a whopping 50% are following in the footsteps of celebrities and opt for expensive teeth whitening treatments and veneers.

However, despite splashing out on her looks the report did reveal that today’s average bride is making cutbacks, with 61% spending less than £10,000 on their wedding.

Personally, I am all for teeth whitening. You don’t really want to look at your wedding photos in five years’ time and regret that wine/coffee/cigarette stained smile…

How is your wedding planning going? Are you having any treatments done before you say ‘I do’?

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Copy Kate: Number of church weddings on the rise

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on January 20th, 2012

It appears that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s lavish church ceremony last year may have inspired others to follow in their footsteps. Although there are fewer nuptials taking place, the number of church weddings has risen for the first time in several years, a study has found.

The Church of England could happily confirm that four per cent more couples opted for a traditional church wedding, which is probably a result of CoE making it easier for people to get married anywhere in the country.

Under the new rules, couples can marry in any parish where they have lived for six months or where their parents or grandparents got married. The Church has even set up a website to make the process easier for couples.

Are you planning a CoE wedding?

Photo credit: Press Association

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Wedding idea: Sweet trees as table centerpiece decorations

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on December 19th, 2011

Retro sweets has grown in popularity in recent years and this is something which we think we’ll see a lot more on the UK wedding scene in 2012; already popular in America sweet trees make great table centrepieces or wedding favours. Simply choose which sweeties are your favourites- chocolates, love hearts, flying saucers – and see people’s faces light up when they realise they can eat your wedding table decorations!

Flying Saucer, Sweet Tree by Rivera - £46.00

Strawberry jellies - Sweet Tree by Rivera - £35.00

Enchanted Mashmallow - Sweet Tree by Sweet Creations - Price upon request

Marshmallow - Sweet Tree by Rivera - £35.00

Images: Sweet Tree by Rivera / Sweet Creations

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Wedding idea: Get snap happy with a photobooth at your reception

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on November 11th, 2011

If you’re looking to add a bit of fun and do something slightly unusual to your wedding reception I highly recommend hiring a photobooth.

My friend – who got married in Denver, Colorado this summer – had invested in a photo booth and it was so much fun! Guests were asked to take photos and glue one of the two copies into a photo album and write a personal note. Such a great idea for a wedding guest book with a difference!

The photobooth phenomenon has reached the UK and there are a number of specialist companies that cater for your every fancy. One of these is Boothnation who offer sophisticated photo studios that are kitted out with state of the art lightning and high end digital cameras. They will even help you personalise the booth to fit your wedding, but I think the ones they’ve got on their website are pretty cool.

Oh yeah – this is my photo booth moment. And yes I did catch the bouquet 😉

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Will temporary marriages become a new trend?

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on November 2nd, 2011

Politicians in Mexico City have proposed that couples decide on the length of their marriage before tying the knot in an attempt to combat high divorce rates.

‘Happy couples’ would sign a contract, which would be minimum two years, that would state the arrangements agreed upon should they decide not to renew it. Almost like a will this would make it clear as how potential children and assets acquired during the marriage would be divided.

In spite of criticism from the Catholic church, the bill is apparently gathering support and could become reality before the end of the year. Could this ‘try before you buy’ scheme become a new wedding trend?

Leave a comment below with your views.

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Wedding trends: Renewing your wedding vows

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on September 8th, 2011

In a world where divorce and break-up seems the norm, it is worth celebrating those couples that do stay together and give us others hope that there is happiness and love to be found – and that it is not just fiction, dreamt up by a American brand wanting to sell more cards and chocolates.

And with the news that David Schwimmer and his wife Zoe Buckman renewed their wedding vows last weekend I thought it was about time to take a look at this wedding trend.

Renewing your vows is all about reconfirming the love you have for each other, showing that you are as in love with your spouse as the day you first said ‘I do’. Blonde supermodel Heidi Klum and her husband have made vow renewals a bit of a tradition and have reconfirmed their undying love for each other (I hope – don’t want more celeb couples breaking up for now) six times! Each anniversary the loved up couple gather their kids and close friends to celebrate their marriage and love. How cute.

How elaborate you make the renewing ceremony is of course up to you, but I’d say an intimate gathering with your loved one – close friends and family only – is the best way. Unless your work colleagues are your best friends, they probably won’t be expecting an invite to this, so there is no need for one.

The best thing about renewing vows is that you can focus on enjoying the special atmosphere that surrounds love and weddings without the nerves and stress felt on the original wedding day!

But whatever you do: no hen or stag nights and no gifts. It is just about sharing the love you have for your spouse with your loved ones.

Have you renewed your vows or are you thinking about it? We’d love to hear what you’re planning.

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Wedding trends: Tattoos dedicated to your spouse

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on September 7th, 2011

Tattoos have been used to pay tribute to people for decades; for those lost, for those missed and not to forget for those loved. It isn’t uncommon for parents to get their kids’ names inked onto their body as a memory – just look at David Beckham who has all of his children’s names permanently inked on his torso.

These days there seems to be a growing trend of newly-weds getting a tattoo in honour of their new husband or wife, especially among celebs.

Tori Spelling – one of the original 90210 cast members if you don’t know her –  has been seen with a tattoo on the side of her ribs that consists of Dean’s wedding vows to her. The second part of the quotation comes from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet: “For my bounty is as boundless as the sea and my love as deep. The more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite.”

American singer LeAnn Rimes also had wedding vows inked on her ribcage to honour her new husband, Eddie Cibriani. Hers however were only temporary and her vows!

It read: “You gave me the courage to be truthful. I promise to give you the comfort to be trustful.” If LeAnn will follow up the temp tat with a permanent one remains to be seen. They were both married to other people at the time they met and fell in love on the set of ‘Northern Lights’ in 2008, so perhaps it is wise to wait a little longer seeing as her and Eddie only got married in April this year.

Eva Longoria, who divorced husband Tony Parker earlier this year, has a marriage tattoo and denies plans of getting rid of her matrimonial ink..

Take note lovebirds! If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo to honour your new spouse perhaps it is wise to choose something that you could live with should your marriage – heaven forbid – end at some point in the future.

Are you considering having a tattoo done? Let us know in the comments below!

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