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Anyone who knows the benefits of GW-501516 is eager to find a reliable vendor for it. Candarine is a GW-501516 formula made by the famous SARMS brand, Proven Peptides.

Don’t worry if you are not sure what GW-501516 is; this is a formula that was made decades ago by pharmaceutical leaders in the industry to treat heart and metabolic conditions. The main purpose of this compound was to prevent the formation of tumors in organs like the prostate, colon and breast tissue.


However, the use of this compound has evolved significantly over the past decades and now GW-501516 is a star in the world of body-building, fat loss and a healthier lifestyle.


This compound is also known as Cardarine and is a PPAR agonist that has been shown to have positive effects on physical development.


In this review, I will discuss Candarine by Proven Peptides and answer if it is infact one of the best GW-501516 vendors in United States nowadays.


The turnaround in the usage of this compound can be explained by its ability to perform well on the following dimensions:


  • Burns Fat
  • Boosts endurance
  • Decreases recovery period
  • Boosts muscle formation
  • Increased HDL
  • Decreases cholesterol
  • Body recomposition

How does Candarine work?


Although I have listed all of the benefits of Candarine, I know you must be wondering how this compound achieves all of this. In order to understand this, let us dig a little deeper into the history of this product.


Candarine was founded through a collaboration between two pharmaceutical giants. Glaxosmithkline and Ligand Pharmaceuticals to find healthy alternatives for heart and metabolism related issues. 

The main function of this compound is that it regulates the production of fatty acids in the body which in turn helps with both heart related issues and boosting metabolism. This function is essential in all human bodies and hence, the usage of this compound now extends to everyone and not just people suffering from heart disease. 

In this day and age, everyone is on the look-out for products which not only help in fat loss but also enhance muscle build up. While exercise and healthy eating are the obvious routes to achieving health related goals, natural formulae that can enhance your performance are like magic.


This compound is essentially a PPAR receptor agonist which means that it works in the following manner: 


  • The PPAR receptor is responsible for activating the protein PPAR-delta in the cells of the body
  • The PPAR-delta also acts as a sensor for fatty acids that are usually located in your muscles
  • The consumption of this compound causes the PPAR-delta to be activated and consequently, your ability to burn fat increases


Candarine has concrete fat burning properties and is superior than other fat burning supplements, as per my judgement. Let us dig deep and understand why Candarine is an ideal healthy and physical development product. 

It’s not without a reason that GW-501516 is considered to be one of the best fat burning and performance increasing compounds out there.

  • The first and foremost highlighted benefit of Candarine is its impact on fat burning processes in your body. Fat burning is the first step to building muscles and achieving the bodily transformation. The consumption of Candarine aids you in holding onto your muscles while your body is in a caloric deficit. This coupled with healthy eating and exercise can be the perfect potion of fast fat loss.
    Trust me, GW501516 is WAY stronger than all the other stuff you’ve tried.
  • One of the striking benefits of this compound, GW501516 is improved cardiovascular performance. This has been proven through research and extensive tests on rodents who have shown better performance after consumption of this product.
    Evidence suggests that after the consumption of Candarine, your bodily stamina is going to go through the roof (Don’t worry, you won’t become the hulk!)

 Increased stamina will allow you to increase your horizons. The effects of this product are so strong on your stamina that professional sports do not allow its consumption during competitions etc. 

  • Candarine is also said to have a considerable impact on higher and better recovery time and rates. It is said to promote more effective wound healing as well, which can be of quite use during injuries while exercising etc. 


  • Another star function that this product achieves is that it enhances and aids your body in quick and effective muscle growth by activating the PPAR-Delta. It performs the dual function of burning fat and aiding muscle growth.
  • It is also suggested that Candarine has positive effects on the functions of your blood vessels and the heart. There is evidence and research that suggests this but it is worthwhile to point out that studies of this compound have been limited to mice as of now.



Evidently, GW-501516 is a strong and effective compound that contains unique abilities.

I am going to go over in detail the effect Candarine has on each of the different organs in the body. 


  • Candarine affects the vascular functions in the system


Candarine is known to directly affect the blood vessels and arteries through its anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, it is the major contribution of Candarine to lower cholesterol levels in the human body. Candarine also has the ability to accelerate the growth of new cells and blood vessels.The anti inflammatory properties of Cardarine also lower the effects of oxidative damage. Evidence and research points towards the fact that Cardarine significantly reduced the risk of heart disease. What’s more, potential complications of cardiovascular diseases were also affected. The properties of Cardarine also help in plaque buildup in the arteries and protects them from damage. 

However, your consumption of Candarine levels should be monitored as too much cell growth simulation can be dangerous (Cancer). It is suggested that you monitor the consumption of Candarine.


  • Candarine is said to have positive effects on the nervous system


Candarine’s ability to improve the functions of the blood vessels also has a positive impact on your nervous system. Regular consumption of Candarine can diminish the risk of strokes and hemorrhage in the brain. There has been some research conducted to hint at the fact that Candarine can have positive impacts on the production of brain cells.

However, conclusive research is still awaited on the affects of Candarine of the nervous system.


  • Candarine has important anti-inflammatory properties for all bodily functions


Candarine can target all inflammations and swelling in the human body, it is said. Candarine fixes the inflammation on a  cellular level inside the DNA which means that it can target those genes that are involved in the process of inflammation and block them. To complete the process completely, it diminishes the activity of genes involved in inflammation. 

From this research, it seems that Cardarine can suppress inflammation and swelling quite effectively.

These anti-inflammatory properties can be applied to the following organs

  • kidneys
  • liver
  • skin
  • muscle tissue

Anti-inflammatory properties in these organs mean that Cardarine can protect against kidney and liver disease. It also stimulates healing of wounds especially the wounds that are caused by diabetes. It also affects the blood sugar levels

Candarine can also affect liver cells as liver is the principal target of Cardarine since it is crucial in the burning of fats. The normal bodily process is for our blood sugar levels to go down when the liver switches from glucose as an energy source to fatty acids. This is exactly what Cardarine causes the liver to do. Some other amazing benefits of Candarine include its ability to prevent insulin resistance, non-alcoholic liver damage, and cell death.


Candarine Side Effects

According to my research, there is not a lot of information available on side effects caused by cardarine. As per my research, no user has explained side effects of Candarine properly or conclusively.

As of recent research conducted by me, I have come across no studies that have confirmed that Cardarine actually has any side effects in humans. 


However, it is prescribed that you monitor your dosages and pair them up with a healthy life-style.

The Best GW-501516

From all of the research mentioned I am sure you must be enticed to get your hands on Candarine so you can get all of the health benefits too. 

After my research of suppliers, I would recommend you to buy  GW-501516 from Proven Peptides. 

Let me tell you why I recommend Proven Peptides. 

  • The only brand that offers third party verification of batches of products – CREDIBLE
  • High Quality products
  • One of the leading companies in this industry
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Active customer support
  • Hassle free shipping and delivery


Keeping everything in mind, I would recommend you to buy Candarine from Proven Peptides and avail all benefits of this product!

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